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Welcome to my webpage! I've long believed that you can't really understand a serious writer without knowing where he comes from--in all senses of the phrase. So, I've included a short biography, a resume, and a statement of principles, as well as a list of my writings and papers.

I can't say that at any point I "became" a writer; I've always been one. Storytelling is second-nature to me, and even as a child I was busily making up characters and scenes. In fact, I couldn't fall asleep at night before coming up with a new adventure for the running characters I'd invented.

I've also resisted trends, or being categorized--I insist on the freedom to write anything, in any way, that I want. I've tried my hand at mock-heroic poetry, newspaper columns, humour, and drama, as well as both mainstream and genre fiction. As a university student I dreamed of being a "man of letters" like one of my heroes, Samuel Johnson, the eighteenth-century writer of fiction, criticism, and literary biography . . . and, as compiler of the first major English dictionary, patron saint of "bibbers" everywhere.

I've provided links to some of my stories and articles to illustrate the various things I write: mainstream and science fiction, humour, and political commentary. 


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