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A co-founder of York's Future Cinema Lab, Caitlin Fisher's research investigates the future of narrative through explorations of interactive storytelling and interactive cinema in Augmented Reality environments.

ill_1Digital technology is transforming the way Canadians relate to language in all its aspects and to the way we read, write, and communicate with one another. It has also transformed narrative and storytelling in traditional poetry, cinema, and fiction. As a result, there is a pressing need for research that asks what it means to read and write in the digital cultural age. Canada Research Chair Caitlin Fisher is responding to this research need. Internationally recognized for her research and creative contributions in the emerging field of digital culture, she is now investigating the future of narrative, interactive storytelling, and interactive cinema in the emerging area of virtual reality research as represented by Augmented Reality (AR) environments. In AR environments, virtual images are laid over real ones to create an "augmented" display. Augmented reality integrates graphics, sounds, haptics (touch), and smell into real-world environments. Based on the development of technologies for merging real and virtual images, the computer-enhanced environments blur the line between what's real and what's computer-generated by enhancing our experience.


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