CIKM 2010 Student Travel Support

CIKM invites applications for small awards to help cover the cost of travel, subsistence, and registration to the CIKM 2010 conference for students.

Preference will be given to an applicant who is the principal author of a paper and will be presenting the paper at CIKM 2010. Principal authors of posters who are presenting their work may also receive funding if budget permits. Authors who are not presenting will not be funded. It is assumed that applicants have only limited alternative travel support. Your advisor will be asked to confirm that your institution cannot provide significant levels of travel support.

If you plan to apply the student travel support, please register for the conference first. Only the students who have completed the registrations will be qualified for CIKM student travel support. For those students who will get the travel support, CIKM will reimburse you after the CIKM 2010 Conference dates. No registration fee will be waived.

Student Travel Awards:

Ranking under Temporal Constraints
Lidan Wang (USA)

Collaborative Dual-PLSA: Mining Distinction and Commonality across Multiple Domains for Classification
Fuzhen Zhuang (China)

MENTA: Inducing Multilingual Taxonomies from Wikipedia
Gerard de Melo (Germany)

Network Growth and the Spectral Evolution Model
Jérôme Kunegis (Germany)

Selected New Training Documents to Update User Profile
Abdulmohsen Algarni (Australia)

FACeTOR: Cost-Driven Exploration of Faceted Query Results
Abhijith Kashyap (USA)

Factors Affecting Click-Through Behavior in Aggregated Search Interfaces
Shanu Sushmita (UK)

Temporal Query Log Profiling to Improve Web Search Ranking
Alexander Kotov (USA)

A Unified Optimization Framework for Robust, Risk-aware Pseudo-relevance Feedback
Joshua Dillon (USA)

A Probabilistic Topic-Connection Model for Automatic Image Annotation
Xin Chen (USA)


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