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Dr Donald Carveth on Guilt -- Interview re David Hare's Skylight


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The Still Small Voice: Psychoanalytic Reflections on Guilt and Conscience (London: Karnac, 2013)








Let wickedness escape as it may at the bar, it never fails of doing justice upon itself,

 for every guilty person is his own hangman.--Seneca



Since as human beings we are objects and victims conditioned by family, class, culture and history, as well as subjects and agents possessing a degree of freedom and responsibility for the decisions we make under conditions not of our choosing, the challenge for psychoanalysis is to do justice to both these dimensions of our being-in-the-world, and to strive always to remember that the harm we bring upon ourselves and others is grounded in mental, especially childhood, pain.



The choice that matters to the psycho-analyst is one that lies between procedures designed to evade frustration and those designed to modify it. That is the critical decision.--Bion   






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A Case for Psychoanalysis: Exploring the Scientific Evidence



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