• Clarification of Group Assignment

    Here is the content of an email I sent on March 28th:
    It was just pointed out to me that my description of the assignment you are
    doing with partners was not as clear as it could be, and some of you may be

    What I wanted with this:

    For groups of two people, you are to select one article EACH and summarize that article. In other words, I would receive a summary of both articles the group selects.  Student A will summarize Paper A, student B will summarize Paper B.  Then the group will summarize quickly in a presentation to the class the main points of BOTH paper A and paper B.

    For groups of three people, there will necessarily be two students summarizing
    the same paper.  This is not ideal, but at the time I wrote the outline, I had
    no idea how many students I’d have, so I left open the option that some groups
    might need to have 3 people, and I feared we would not have time for groups to
    be presenting 3 papers.  So in groups of three, select two papers. Two students
    summarize Paper A, and one student summarize Paper B.  Then present both papers as a group in class.

    If this procedure creates a problem for you because you have already proceded
    differently, please send me an email.

    Again, have a good weekend.  David

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