Canada Mike's Barbecue World

Barbecue is an ancient technique that has developed into an art form, especially in the south and west US, but also in canada andother parts of the world. I love Q'ing, and my handle in the BBQ world is Canada Mike - yes, yet another identity.

let me beclear that I am ot an expert - merely an enthusiastic beginner. That means I'm not going to try and teach in these few pages; merely provide some of my favorite recipes, offer a few photos, andpoint you to a few places where you can learn from peoplke who really know what they're talking about. To the last first: the very best place to learn about Q'ing is
The Virtual Weber Bullet . This is a site developed primarily for owners ot th Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker, a very popular backyar home smoker that gives amazing results. But regardless of what sort of smoker you uese, the techniques described here, and the advice available in its forums is unsurpassable. Truly, everything I know and can do I owe to this one web site. My heartfelt thanks go to Chris Allingham, the owner, and all the wonderful folks who post sage advice.

So, I own a WSM Cooker, and I regularly use the traditional low and slow method of barbecuing that relies on a temperature of roughly 225 degrees. That means that ribs take about four - six hours, and pulled pork from 12- 16. Barbecuing is always done over low or indirect heat. Anything that uses direct heat over meat or anyting is grilling. I grill a lot, but don't confuse it with Q - esp if you're on a web forum.

I'm just starting this section of my pages, so it will have to grow slowly. Who's got time to make web pages when I could be smiking ribs??? So. I'll offer a few helping tips I learned as a beginner,
a couple of my recipes, some mouth watering photos, and hope you get into it like I did.