What and Why?

Anyone who is not completely comfortable with her or his birth assigned gender identity can be considered transgendered. The category includes transsexuals, cross dressers, transgenderists, gender queers, and gender outlaws of all stripes and inclinations. The term ‘transgender’ is not without controversy within the larger trans community, but i will leave that aside, and use the word for its political and social value.

I have been a cross-dresser since I was little. For me it is an expression of my feminine side, a declaration of my anima strength, and an awareness of how holistic we all truly are. However, while I know that I cross-dress, I have no real idea of why I cross-dress. I simply know that I do. My acceptance of this part of myself, without shame or guilt, has taken a long time. I post this page in the hope that others may also come to accept their transgender status for what it is: A fact of life that is never going to change.

This is weird. I wanna go home!

There is a great deal of information about transgender matters available on the web: a recent Google search on that term came up with about 14,100,000 pages. You can find information on the latest thinking regarding trans children, opinions and photos of sex reassignment surgery [SRS], tips on wigs and makeup, and just about everything you might want to know or be curious about. I’m not even going to ry and compete with that cornucopia of information.

I will, instead, do what I know. I am an activist for the cross-dressing community, continually trying to see that we are included in the trans world in a significant way. I’m also a nag. I am constantly urging my sister and brother CDs to pay attention to their feminine consciousness and imbuing them with feminist principles. I work at this through my publications in the magazine
transgender Tapestry, and by doing workshops at trans events. I also write and publish scholarly articles on transgender issues, and am currently in the midst of a major research project entitled Transgender & Personal Identity. if you want to find out about it you can go to the project website. You will also find a set of articles that go into the doings of Fantasia Fair, the world’s most wonderful and longest running trans event. Taking place in October in Provincetown, Mass., the articles range from 1995 - 2002, and describe what it’s like to be there.

So, what you will find here is a lot of writing. There are different sections which I list here.

  • My Transgender Tapestry articles
  • My Fantasia Fair stories
  • My scholarly work
  • A very few idiosyncratic links largely pertaining to trans in Canada
  • A page of everything I know about transgenderism that is absolutely true

And, finally, just to prove that I am a normal healthy CD, you’ll find a few pages of photos.