Ian Malczewski.

Affiliation: Master in Environmental Studies Graduate, 2010, York University / Planner, Urban Strategies Ltd.

Website: Urban Strategies

Presentation: Planning Through Storytelling: A New Public Engagement Process

The Tower Renewal Project presents an innovative and inspiring vision for the future of Toronto's tower
neighbourhoods, one that promises environmental, social, cultural and economic benefits through a proactive approach to urban planning, engaging and empowering the communities' residents. However, civic engagement in city building often leaves much to be desired: stale methodologies, inconvenient scheduling and a lack of clarity are hallmarks of this ineffective engagement process. Seeing a disconnect between current public engagement practices and the social justice foundation upon which Tower Renewal rests, Ian designed and facilitated an alternative civic engagement process. He also led the walk through the Kipling neighbourhood on the second day of the workshop, based on the Jane's Walk he organized the previous year.

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