We work at York University, with a large group of vision scientists, at the York Centre for Vision Research. We also belong to the Canadian Action and Perception Network, which involves collaborations with other scientists at UWO, Queens, McGill and U of Montreal.

We are located at the Centre for Vision Research, which occupies the first floor of the new computer science building at York. Here's the lab having lunch next to the CVR Atrium, which is just outside our offices.

A. My Labs at York Centre for Vision Research:

Computer Labs / Offices: Four rooms with windows facing the CVR atrium as pictured above.

Neurophysiology Labs:

  • Lab #1: for head-free 3-D gaze control, now with Plexon
  • Lab #2: multi-unit recordings in Cortex (Plexon)
  • Lab #3: vestibular platform & Alpha-Omega

Psychophysics / TMS Labs:

  • Motor Lab: two optotraks, eyelink & large 3-D coil system: measure location and orientation of any body part; Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
  • Eye Movement Lab: use eye coil signals or eyelink to control an LCD projector at low latencies, e.g. to present visual stimuli during eye movements for trans-saccadic integration studies; equipped with TMS
  • Clinical Lab: Located at Sherman Health Science Building equiped with optotrak eye tracker, TMS and visual display

B. Imaging Facilities:

3-T fMRI facilities at the Sherman Health Sciencees Research Building, York University.
MEG at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital

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