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My Courses

PSYCH 4360 / 6260 - Visuospatial Memory and Goal Directed Action -- Everything you need to know to study in my lab.


MATLAB 101 -- A primer course in Matlab programming for first-time users.

Tutis Vilis' Courses (Relevant to my work and Recommended - first 3 used in PSYC 6260)

Sensory Physiology Transformations for Perception and Action

How Your Eyes Rotate in Three Dimensions

The Perceptual Consequences of Listing's law

The Mathematics of Rotations

Survival Skills for Graduate Students


The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book (Recommended general book - by Pete Kaiser here at CVR)

The W.U.S.M. Neuroscience Tutorial (Nice, Basic, Simple)

Course Web Pages, Rice University
(various neuroscience, psychology - but not too user friendly)

Tutorial on Computational Neuroscience (Specialized)

Computational Neuroscience Education
(more links to C.N. courses)

Matrix and Quaternion FAQ (Useful for programming)

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