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Doug's Canada Research Chair in Visual-Motor Neuroscience has been renewed

Doug and Ying's article in 'The Conversation': How understanding athletes'aim could help rehabilitate patients with brain damage

Doug's Interview with Radio Canada International: New Canadian research into brain function and spatial relationship

NSERC funds Canadian-German 'Brain in Action' Program

Doug awarded ' York 2014 Research Leadership' Award



Doug awarded funding from CIHR

Professor Ian Howard, a pioneer in vision research will be sadly missed by us

Doug awarded Distinguished Research Professorship



Why do we stop and Stare? Doug Crawford interviewed by Montreal Gazette's Kelly Grieg.



Check it out : Can’t keep your eyes to yourself? York U study finds primitive part of brain to blame



-Check out this York Research Video featuring Doug Crawford's Lab!

-Discovery Channel/Daily Planet: "Watch Your Head! The best football players have to exercixe their muscles, and their brain."

-YFile: Quarterbacks' hand-eye coordination may be all in the 'PPC'

-Annual CAPnet faculty retreat held in Kingston, Ontario on June 14&15, 2010

-York University's story embodies the new Canada



-Annual GAP/CREATE/CAPnet retreat held on Ingersol, Ontario on October 1&2, 2009

-Fairchild Television: Crawford Lab featured on Timeline Magazine

-Ylife: York PhD student Mike Vesia wins award for Brain Day
-First CAPnet Project Funded: NSERC CREATE Program in Computational Approaches to Sensorimotor Transformations for the Control of Action
-METRO: YorkU sets its sights on neuroscience
-CBC Radio: Change to funding blocks neuroscientists
-Globe and Mail: Neuroscientists fear brain drain as crucial funding disappears

-Dr. Crawrford to give a talk at Donder's Institute on the 'Neural mechanisms of Donder's Law in 3-D -gaze shifts'


-Toronto Star: You Can't Believe Your Eyes: Which is Up? Vision, King of Senses Convinces Us of Anything
-Maclean's: Accident prone? Here's why
-York study points to a cause of bad driving
-Grade 8 students learn about vision and the brain
-York launches graduate diploma program in neuroscience


-Mike Vesia wins University -Wide TA Award!!!
-Deep Thoughts: Steve and Lei tell the Toronto Star about their research

-Newly-discovered brain mechanism holds promise for stroke rehabilitation 

-Three Visions of the Future

-New Discovery Holds Promise for Stroke Rehabilitation
-Newly-discovered brain mechanism holds promise for stroke rehabilitation


-Doug Crawford's October 2005 Interview with YorkU : "The Mind's Eye" by Michael Todd
-Alumni Matters: York 2006 - Tier II CRC Holders at York
-Doug's Former Student Denise Henriques wins Polanyi Prize


-Scientist dedicates award to ailing mentor

-Rewarding Interdisciplinary Excellence with York's First Steacie
-Making Knowledge Count

-Helping Stroke and Brain Injury Victims with Vision

-Groundbreaking study will assist stroke and head injury victims rehabilitate their their sight


-Celebrating Teaching Excellence

-Doug gets award for Graduate teaching

-York U. Vision Quest (Innovation Canada)


-Doug gets 'world famous' on Chinese TV
-Headline news:  Team Sees Through Change Blindness<>
-Eliana Klier wins Governor General Gold Medal for her thesis


-Two York Researchers Among Canada's Top 20

-York Professor Links Midbrain Damage to... 


-York Psychologist Wins Canada Research Chair to Study Visual Functions of the Brain
-Premier's Research Excellence Awards go to York Researchers


-York University: York News - York faculty honoured for excellence in research

-NSERC Grants Renewed...


-Team Awarded 1.6 Million...
-Renowned Centre for Vision Research...

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