Lab Director

Jimmy Huang Image Dr. Jimmy Huang
Full Professor and York Research Chair

Research Interests: information retrieval, big data, medical/health informatics, text/Web mining, natural language processing, bioinformatics and computational linguistics.

Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Professor

Mariam Daoud Image Dr. Mariam Daoud
Ph.D. in Information Retrieval from IRIT, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France.

Research Interests: contextual information retrieval and personalization, user profiling and semantic data mining.

Yang Liu Image Dr. Yang Liu, Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Computer Science

Research Interests: data mining, information retrieval, sentiment mining, health informatics, text mining, statistical modeling.

Torjmen Mouna Image Dr. Torjmen Mouna, Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Multimedia Information Retrieval

Research Interests: Multimedia information retrieval, medical image retrieval.

Zheng Ye Image Dr. Jeff Ye
Ph.D. in Information Retrieval

Research Interests: statistical models and machine learning for information retrieval, cross-language retrieval and Web mining.

Graduate Students

Xiaoshi Yin Image Xiaoshi Yin
Ph.D., 3rd Year

Research Interests: text mining, biomedical information retrieval and context-sensitive information retrieval.

Jiashu Zhao Image Jiashu Zhao
Ph.D., 3rd Year
Xiaofeng Zhou Image Xiaofeng Zhou
Ph.D., 3rd Year
Vivian Hu Image Vivian Hu
Ph.D., 2nd Year

Research Interests: statistical models and machine learning for information retrieval, biomedical text retrieval and mining, decision support for personalized health care.

Jun Miao Image Jun Miao
Ph.D., 2nd Year
Parvaz Mahdabi Image Parvaz Mahdabi
Visiting Ph.D. from University of Lugano, Switzerland.
Jiayue Zhang Image Jiayue Zhang
Visiting Ph.D. supported by CSC scholarship from China.
Reinaldo Canovas Denis Image Reinaldo Canovas Denis
Visiting Ph.D. supported by Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) Scholarship from Cuba.
Maral Dadvar Image Maral Dadvar
Visiting Ph.D. from University of Twente, Netherlands.
Dawid Kasperowicz Image Dawid Kasperowicz

Research Interests: Web intelligence, Web search, information retrieval and Web/data mining.

Xiaoli Hu Image Xiaoli Hu

Research Interests: information retrieval, data mining, information and database management systems.

Ahmed Al-Sinan Image Ahmed Al-Sinan

Research Interests: business intelligence, data mining and data warehousing.

Robert Saggiorato Image Robert Saggiorato

Research Interests: health informatics, health data mining, clinical decision support systems & EHR's, healthcare knowledge management/information retrieval, healthcare leadership strategies.

Atanaz Babashzadeh's Image Atanaz Babashzadeh
Zahra Amin Nayeri's Image Zahra Amin Nayeri
Hoda Forghani's Image Hoda Forghani

Undergraduate Honors Students

Tony Lau Image Tony Lau
B.A., Spec. Hons. in Information Technology
Tom Wu Image Tom Wu
B.A., Spec. Hons. in Information Technology
Zhi Xu Image Zhi Xu
B.A., Spec. Hons. in Information Technology


Chenghua Li Image Dr. Chenghua Li
Ph.D. in Information and Communication Engineering.

Research Interests: data mining, machine learning, information retrieval, pattern recognition and parallel computing.

Ben He Image Dr. Ben He (Postdoctoral Fellow at York, July 2009 - July 2010)
Ph.D. in Information Retrieval from University of Glasgow, U.K.

Research Interests: formal models in information retrieval, text mining, blog retrieval, query performance prediction, and relevance feedback.

Thomas Lynam Image Dr. Thomas Lynam (Postdoctoral Fellow at York, October 2009 - July 2010)
Ph.D. in Information Retrieval from University of Waterloo, Canada

Research Interests: information retrieval, question answering, and spam filtering.

Miao Wen Image Miao Wen
MSc, 2009, TD Bank in Toronto

Thesis Title: Applying Text Mining to Multi-Level Indexing and Searching for Enhancing Probabilistic Information Retrieval

Vivian Hu Image Vivian Hu
MSc, 2009, Ph.D. student at York

Thesis Title: Passage Extraction and Result Combination for High Performance Biomedical Information Retrieval

Mladen Kovacevic Image Mladen Kovacevic
MSc, 2009, IBM in Toronto

Thesis Title: Using Sentiment Term Combination and Proximity Functions to Enhance Probabilistic Information Retrieval Models in Blog Space

Yang Liu Image Yang Liu
PhD, 2009, Postdoctoral Fellow at York

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Review Mining from Online Media
MSc  Thesis Title: Markov Model-Based Methods for Web User Clustering and Surfing Recommendation

Ming Zhong Image Ming Zhong
MSc, 2007, Atlanta in USA

Thesis Title: Concept-Based Biomedical Text Retrieval

YanRui Huang Image YanRui Huang
MSc, 2006, Saint Louis, USA

Thesis Title: Using Contextual Information and Machine Learning Technique to Improve Retrieval Performance

Alice Tran Alice Tran
B.A., Hons. in Information Technology, Specialized in Technology and Society

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