Awards for research presented to students in our lab (exclusive of scholarships)


Award of Excellence for student posters, presented to Adam Jeziorski (York U) at the 2004 summer meeting of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, 13-18 June, 2004, Savannah, GA, for his poster entitled, “ Covariates of calcium concentrations of zooplankton of Canadian Shield lakes”.


 Award of Excellence for student posters, presented to Erika Weisz (York U) at the 2007 American Society for Limnology & Oceanography conference, Sante Fe, New Mexico, for her poster entitled “Geographic predictors of invasion success in a non-indigenous zooplanktivore, Bythotrephes longimanus


 Awards for research presented to Norman Yan


1992: Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy, Environmental Research and Technology Staff Achievement Award for research on the effects of acidification on aquatic communities.


1996: the Patalas Award presented to N. Yan by The Freshwater Institute, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Winnipeg.  This award is presented, on occasion, to a North American limnologist whose research has been instrumental in underpinning rational lake management.  I received the award for my research on acid and metal contamination of Sudbury-area lakes.


1998:  the Frank Rigler Memorial Award from the Society of Canadian Limnologists for excellence in limnological research.  This award was presented to N. Yan based on the excellence of his long-term research on Canadian lakes.


2003:  the Government of Ontario Premier’s Research Excellence Award









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