Peter Paolucci, Ph.D.

Current York Courses

F/W 2017-2018

(Fall 2017) EN 1001 Introduction to Literary Study
(F/W 2017-2018) EN 3535 Shakespeare
(F/W 2017-2018) EN 4722 Editing Shakespeare Electronically and in Print (Online)

F/W 2016-2017

(SU 2016) EN 3535 Shakespeare
(Fall 2016) EN 1001 Introduction to Literary Study
(F/W 2016-2017) EN 4722 Editing Shakespeare Electronically and in Print

Full Record of Courses Taught

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Past Courses Taught (Overview)

Department of English

Victorian Ghosts
Horror and Terror
Renaissance Poetry
Literary Texts and Approaches (Glendon)
Introduction to Literary Genre
Advanced Seminar in Shakespeare
Shakespeare and his Contemporaries
Major Authors
The Novel
The Gothic Tradition

Division of Humanities

Stories in Diverse Media
Roots of Western Civilization (1500-1900)
Business Culture & Tradition
Reinventing Culture in the Computer Age
The Roots of Canadian Culture
Canadian Folk Culture
The Canadian Experience

Division of Social Science

Music & Society
Communication in Organizations
The Corporation and Canada
Social Issues Through the Arts
The Foundations of Social Science

Department of Professional Writing

Writing Strategies for Non-Fiction
Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing

Department of History

Intellectual History of the West (Internet)


Thinking About Contemporary Canada (Humanities)
Critical Thinking Reading & Writing (English)

Writing Instructor

Writing Programs (Atkinson)
Centre for Academic Writing
Foundations of Kinesiology & Health Science


Designing User Interfaces