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HH/PSYC 4030 6.00   Behaviour Modification and Behaviour Therapy

This course examines theoretical issues, basic research and practical application in the area of behaviour change.

GS/PSYC 6910P 6.00   Introduction to the Psychological Assessment of Children

This course provides students with 330 hours of practicum training in psychological assessment. Placement in an applied setting is arranged. Regular class meetings with the course instructor provide monitoring of student progress.

GS/PSYC 6920 3.00   Clinical and Diagnostic Assessment of Children and Adolescents

This course will consider the use of interviews, observations and psychological testing in the developmental assessment of children and the assessment of their families and larger social contexts over a wide age range and with a variety of presenting problems. Observation of children in natural settings, interviewing and report writing are important clinical skills further developed in this course. Students learn to integrate information from various sources and develop skills in diagnostic formulation. The cognitive, language and social-emotional areas of development will receive attention.

GS/PSYC 6925 3.00 Supervision & Consultation

(New course designed and taught)

GS/PSYC 6960 3.00 Autism & Developmental Delays

This course will explore in depth the syndrome of autism and the various expressions of developmental delays. The diagnosis, characteristics and interrelations of these disabilities will be examined.

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