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Perry Lab Research Projects: Current and in Past Few Years

GO4KIDDS Projects

  • Survey of Health, Wellbeing, and Social Inclusion of children with severe developmental disabilities across Canada and that of their parents
  • Family Quality of Life in parents of children with severe developmental disabilities
  • Social inclusion of children with severe developmental disabilities in educational and community settings
  • Healthcare and service system needs of youth with  severe developmental disabilities across Canada
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Evaluation of Autism Diagnostic & Developmental Measures and Concepts

  • Vineland Study
  • New Vineland-II compared to old Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales
  • Maladaptive Behavior in autism as measured by the Maladaptive domain of the Vineland-II
  • Subgroups of children with PDDs
  • PDD-NOS study
  • Sex differences in developmental and diagnostic characteristics of autism
  • Factor analysis of the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) in two age groups
  • CARS in five diagnostic groups of young children
  • Validity of the PDD Behavior Inventory
  • The persistence of early developmental indicators in preschoolers with cognitive delays.
  • Comparison of three adaptive behaviour measures in autism in relation to cognitive level and severity of autism.
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Measuring Quality of IBI Treatment

  • Survey of parents & professionals regarding aspects of quality of IBI
  • York Measure of Quality of Intensive Behavioural Intervention
  • York System of Quality Assurance
  • Pilot Study of a Benchmark Approach
  • Literature analysis of treatment factors involved in IBI effectiveness
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Effectiveness of Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI)

  • Provincial retrospective study of effectiveness of IBI
  • Outcomes for children in TPAS
  • Predictors of outcomes in provincial IBI study
  • Tracking developmental trajectories in IBI using the ABLLS
  • Wait-list controlled study
  • Follow-up of children previously receiving IBI
  • Over 6 study
  • Prospective study
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Evaluation of Treatments and Interventions

  • Examining factors predicting PECS and other communication outcomes from a community summer camp
  • Evaluation of the TRE-ADD Parent Training Program
  • Program Evaluation TRE-ADD Residential Services
  • Transition of children from IBI to the school system
  • Outcomes in adolescents & adults with autism and intellectual disability
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Families of Children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities

  • Perry model of family stress in families of children with developmental disabilities
  • Factors related to parent involvement in IBI: parent & therapist perspectives
  • Examining family stress as predictor of children’s outcomes in IBI
  • Role of culture in impact of autism on families
  • Concordance between standardized testing and parent report in ESL vs English-speaking families
  • Emotional intelligence in parents of children with autism
  • Individual and family coping in parents of children with autism
  • Predicting positive outcomes for parents of children with autism
  • Madres raising children with developmental disabilities
  • Career orientation of siblings of children with autism
  • Psychosocial outcomes of siblings of children with autism
  • Coping and supports as moderators of distress in parents of children with developmental delays
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Social Inclusion and Participation

  • Activity participation of children with autism, developmental disabilities, and typically developing children

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