Pathways to the Podium Research Project

An investigation of the development of sport expertise

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The Pathways to the Podium Research Team

Melissa Hopwood

Melissa Hopwood is a PhD candidate at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. The Pathways to the Podium Research Project forms a major component of her PhD research, alongside the construction and validation of the Developmental History of Athletes Questionnaire (the questionnaire completed by athletes involved in the Pathways to the Podium Research Project).

A former national level gymnast and diver, Melissa obtained her Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Sydney. After completing her honours research in swimming physiology, Melissa then worked for 3 years as Skill Acquisition Assistant at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. In this role she provided skill acquisition services to a variety of team and individual sports, conducted coach and athlete education sessions, and executed a variety of applied research projects.

Melissa is currently based at York University in Toronto, Canada, where she is trying her hand at snowboarding and has become an avid Toronto Blue Jays fan. In addition to completing her PhD, Melissa also serves as a motor learning and skill acquisition consultant to the Canadian Sport Centre Ontario National Coaching Institute, the Ontario Volleyball Association, and Alpine Ontario.

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