Our Research Team

Past Graduate Student Members

  • Barbara Kerr | MSc (2021-2024) [NSERC CGS M]

    Process- versus pattern-based measures of fragmentation: a simulated sensitivity analysis ( Nominated for a thesis prize)

  • Lord-Emmanuel Achidago | RA (Summer 2023)

    Resarch at York (RAY) Research Assistant. Lord-Emmanuel is working on a project that develops R code and workflow to process boreal fire boundary data to assess hyper-local configuration conditions of land cover classes.

  • Wesley Wu | MSc (2019-2022)

    Exploiting overlapping Landsat scene classifications and focal context to identify boreal disturbance mapping uncertainty

  • Jad Aswad | MSc (2020-WD)

    Response of small water bodies to climate change: a focus on flood-generated ephemeral streams

  • Harrison Moghaddam | MSc (2016-2018)

    Spatial and temporal morphological change in Canadian boreal forests

  • Vishan Guyadeen | MSc (2017-WD)

    Identifying spatial clusters of employment in the Golden Horseshoe

  • Marissa Chase | MSc (2016-WD)

    Automated stream extraction and morphology characterization for tracking change with UAV images

  • Emma Gunn | MSc (2014-WD)

    Suitability of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for forest disturbance assessment ( Mitacs Accelerate)

  • Alex Singh | MSc (2012-2015)

    Effect of grain size change on morphological landscape pattern characterization: wildifre residual patches

  • Yikalo Araya | PhD (2009-2014)

    Characterizing the spatial patterns and spatially explicit probabilities of post-fire vegetation residual patches in boreal wildfire scars

  • Yuestas David | MSc (2011-2014)

    Using field measured soil hydraulic conductivities to quantify runoff with the SWAT hydrological model ( Paul Simpson-Housley Award)

  • Connie Ko | PhD (2008-2014)

    Tree genera classification by ensemble classification of small-footprint airborne LiDAR Web

  • Doris K. Siu | MSc (2009-2013)

    Four-dimensional characterization of tree canopy wetting during precipitation events

  • Anca Dobrinescu | MSc (2007-2010)

    Nested multispectral-multiresolution measurements to characterize boreal clearcut boundaries and revegetation sites: a biophysical variable perspective

  • Andrew Mosienko | MES (2010-WD)

    Thermal remote sensing in hydrology monitoring

  • Xiaosheng Weng | MSc (2007-WD)

    Image geometry and spatial resolution effects on forest biophysical variable estimation at regenerating stands

  • Past Undergraduate Student Members

  • Madison Downer-Bartholomew | EUCURA (Summer 2022)

    Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change Undergraduate Research Award recipient. Madison will be working on the project "Quantifying boreal fire boundary gradients" to quantify the nature and complexity of the boundary between burned and unburned boreal forest.

  • Barbara Kerr | BA - Dean's Award for Research Excellence (DARE) (2019)

    Shape stability and scaling of spatial features: assessing vertical profiles of UAV imagery

  • Spencer Dakin-Kuiper | BSc (2017-2018)

    Detection of pre-1972 Ontario wildfires from Landsat Multi-Spectral Scanner imagery based on recovery trajectories

  • Marissa Chase | BA (2015-2016)

    Emulating natural disturbances with fire: practices in Estonia and Canada

  • Thomas Montour | BA (2011-2012)

    Analysing the effects of spatial resoltuion on the thermal response of a watered canopy

  • Kushbu Sorot | BSc (2010-2011)

    Characterizing thermal behaviour of building walls in downtown Toronto

  • Fabian D. Garcia | BSc (2009-2010)

    Assessing vegetation growth under different treatments and stressors using spectroradiometry

  • Doris Lam | BSc (2008-2009)

    Green grass, yellow grass, does arrangement really matter? Comparative analysis of uniform composition and changing configuration on spectral signatures

  • Past Research Assistants and Volunteers

    Lord-Emmanuel Achidago (2023)
    Madison Downer-Bartholomew (2022)
    Harrison Moghaddam: (2016)
    Alberto Trenado: (2014)
    Roza Sath: (2012)
    Stephanie Cullen: (2010)
    SeungHee Yun: (2009)
    Lana Wilhelm: (2007-2008)
    Kevin Davis: (2009)
    Crystal Eyjolfson: (2007)