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  Robert T. Muller :  Trauma & Attachment Lab

The Trauma & Attachment Lab, under the direction of Dr. Robert T.Muller, focuses on the role of important relationships (i.e., attachments) in the psychotherapy of children and adults who have experienced intra-familial trauma.  Dr. Muller’s team is addressing this in two current research projects.

The first is a collaborative study with the Traumatology Institute in Toronto (Dr. Anna Baranowsky), looking at adults with PTSD, and how trauma therapy helps.  The second is a collaborative study with Kindercare in Toronto (Dr. Mirisse Foroughe), looking at emotion-focused interventions with families, many of whom have trauma histories.

Some of our recent trauma research projects have included the Healthy Coping Program for Abused Children, an initiative conducted in collaboration with the Toronto sexual abuse treatment programs, looking at ways to treat vulnerable children within their own communities by community-based clinicians, and the Women Recovering from Abuse Program, at Women's College Hospital in Toronto.  Also the Program for Traumatic Stress Recovery at Homewood Hospital in Guelph, and finally the Children & their Residential Experiences study.  We are currently writing up results from those recent initiatives.

The M.A. and Ph.D.-level graduate students in the lab are:

Julie Margulis Cinamon, Doctoral student
Karina P.M. Zorzella, Doctoral student
Kristin Gragtmans Thornback, Doctoral student
Sheila Konanur, Doctoral student
Sara Rependa, Doctoral student
Kristina Cordeiro, M.A. student




Last updated: February 22, 2016