Westminster Abbey ~ Mission BC

In an interview Haufschild said that the "existing condition inspires creativity." He pushes his clients to move away from traditional medieval glass because "art is an expression on the time and it shows what is meaningful today." 



Burnaby Jamathkana, Burnaby BC 

Islamic silver nitrate becomes golden in the sunlight - but if it is grey outside the window becomes "moody and blue" according to Haufschild. The client told Haufschild “We [communal we from the religious leader] have trouble with that” Haufschild responded, “It’s us – people have moods and change, why not let the windows have personality too?” He created a sample window and the client came back saying, “We love it!” 


Light in Equipoise - Potter Residence ~ Ottawa 



Courtly Evanescence - Robson Court ~ Vancouver, BC