Women and the Nationalization of literature: Text and image as parallel narratives in a Hindi periodical (1927-1941). Talk delivered at the Workshop Contemporary Hindi/Urdu Literature and Arts. Princeton University (Dec. 6-7, 2013)

Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, Toronto, Canada (15-18 March, 2012)

  • Cross-Border Panel: Gender Flows: Transnational and Inter-Imperial Circuits of Exchange in Activist Women's Writings of the Early Twentieth-Century
  • Paper:The Idea of Asia: Pan-Asian Feminist Conversations on Oriental Civilization, Spiritual Superiority and Asian Womanhood


Transnational Approaches to Girlhood. University of Toronto, SSHRC workshop (25 May 25, 2012)

  • Paper: Modelling the modern girl in the Hindi public sphere (1910s - 1920s)

The International Federation for Research in Women’s History Conference (in conjunction with the 21st International Congress of Historical Sciences), Amsterdam University (22-28 August, 2010)

  • Panel: Racism, Nationalism and Imperialism Intersecting with Women’s Rights
  • Paper: Whither Colonial Hierarchies? Indian Women Writers and Global Modernity

41st Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association, McGill University, Montreal (7-11 April, 2010)

  • Panel: South Asia's Orients
  • Paper: "A World of Difference" - Travels in the Colonial Neighborhood.  

Society for the History of Children and Youth Biennial Conference: Children at Risk/Children Taking Risks: Historical Inquiries in International Perspective, University of California at Berkeley (July 10-12, 2009)

  • Panel: Childhood in colonial South Asia
  • Paper: Courageous Girls and Intelligent Women: Writings for Children and their Parents

York 50 Symposium: The Global Modern: Transnationalism and the Media in Asia
York Center for Asian Research, York University (May 15, 2009)

  • Panel: Global Imaginings: From the Homeland to the World
  • Paper: Global (?), Modern and Colonized: Indian Women Writers’ and Activists’ International Networking in the Early Twentieth Century

European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies, University of Manchester (July 8-11, 2008)

  • Panel: Slavery and the Raj: Representing un-free labor in colonial South Asia
  • Paper: In the name of national honor and self-respect. Elite women’s campaigns against indentured labor


Department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University (November 7, 2007)

  • Invited Lecture: Of National Concern: Children’s Hindi Periodicals and Nationalist Discourse


Feminist Pre-conference at the South Asia Studies Conference, Madison (October 11, 2007) 

South Asian Feminisms: Subjects, Audiences, Agendas

  • Panel: Archives of Memory and Pedagogy
  • Paper: Feminist agendas and the Indian Independence struggle

European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies, Leiden University (June 27-30, 2006)

  • Panel: From Improvement to Development: Civilizing Missions in Colonial and Post-Colonial South Asia
  • Paper: Responses to Colonial Discourses on Indian Womanhood

Mapping Channels between Ganges and Rhine, University of Toronto (May 24-26, 2006)

  • Paper: An Indian Affair: Green Cards, a Marriage Proposal and the Multi-Ethnic Divide in the German TV-Serial Lindenstrasse

Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, San Francisco (April 6-9, 2006)

  • Panel: Natural Remedies: Women and Cultural Responses to Science (organizer)
  • Paper: Cumin, Capsules, and Colonialism: Encounters with natural and allopathic medical practices in Hindi literature

Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, Chicago (March 31-April 3, 2005)

  • Panel: Gendered Constructions of National Identity in Twentieth-Century Periodical Literature
  • Paper: Gendered Citizenship? Feminist-Nationalist Questioning in Hindi Women’s Journals (1920-1930)

European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies, Lund, Sweden (July 6-9, 2004)

  • Panel: Merging the Unsuitable? British India and Burma, c. 1850-1950
  • Paper: In the Neighborhood of the Colonial Present: Burmese Women in a Hindi Feminist Ethnography

Annual Conference on South Asia, University of California, Berkeley (February 15-16, 2002)

  • Panel: Dissenting Voices: Women and the Print-Media in Early Twentieth Century India
  • Paper: Redefining Gender Roles: The Politics of the Hindi Women’s Journal Stri Darpan


CONFERENCES and WORKSHOPS on Teaching Languages, Literature and Culture (selection)

Engaging India: A Multidisciplinary Conference. Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Carleton University, Ottawa (17-18 June, 2011)

  • Panel: Teaching South Asian Studies: Pedagogical Challenges and Curricular Innovations
  • Paper: Translation, Authenticity and Analysis of Literary Voices from South Asia and the Diaspora

Symposium on Innovations and Challenges in Second Language Pedagogy. University of Toronto (May 13-14, 2011)

  • Panel: Innovations in Language Teaching
  • Paper: From Drill to Thrill: Innovative and Pedagogical Approaches to Language Acquisition.

Heritage Language Workshop, University of Toronto (May 7, 2009)

  • Paper: Can the Heritage Student Speak? Linguistic and Cultural Competency in the Grip of Academic Culture

Cultures and Languages across the Curriculum
Frankly Speaking: Challenges in Integrating Languages and Cultures into a Post-Secondary Curriculum, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (October 15-17, 2008)

  • Panel: CLAC and Language Departments: In Competition or Collaboration?
  • Paper: “I got the point across and that is what counts”. Transcultural versus (?) linguistic competence in language teaching

Shades of Brown: Challenges, Myths and Promises. International Educational Conference, Toronto (July 8-12, 2007)

  • Roundtable for Parents and Students: Teaching “South Asian Studies” in the University
  • Roundtable for Educators: South Asian Studies as Academic Discipline

Annual TEL@York Conference 2007, York University, Toronto (Mai 1-2, 2007)

  • Paper: Of Gender, Postpositions and the Past Tense: Seasoning Languages Courses with Technology

Annual Conference on South Asia, University of Wisconsin, Madison (October 19-22, 2006)

  • Panel: Technology-Enhanced Learning: Lessons from the Classroom (Chair of panel)
  • Paper: Technology-Enhanced Learning: The blended course "Introductory Hindi"