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The following are interesting sites relevant to the Project (Note: in providing these links, we are not endorsing, nor accepting any responsibility for, their contents). This list makes no claims to completeness; we would be grateful for suggestions on what other links to include.

Miniature flag icons indicate the language of the website ( = English, = German,  = Polish).

The categories are somewhat arbitrary and often overlap. Within categories, items are listed alphabetically. Here is an overview:

Memorial Sites & Museums | Pedagogical Sites | Antiracism Organizations |
Research Centres | Christian-Jewish Relations & Jewish Life in Europe |
Sites Countering Holocaust Denial and Rightwing Extremism |
Information on Canada, Germany, Poland

Memorial Sites & Museums

Pedagogical Sites

  • Danish Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies  
         [Danish site, with an English version, offering thematic explanations of
         the Holocaust, along with modules for teachers and students, timeline
         self-test, bibliography, and links]
  • Learning about the Holocaust through Art
         [pedagogical site maintained by ORT and the Ghetto Fighters' Museum and
         Study Centre (Beit Lohamei Haghetaot), with examples of works of art
         and a teachers' guide, activities, and resources]
  • Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State
          [New site in 2005, part of Public Broadcasting System in US, in connection with
          a 6-part series on Auschwitz based on the work of outstanding researchers.
          The website includes maps and plans of the Auschwitz complex, a timeline,
          learning resources and other links.
  • NS-Archiv: Dokumente zum Nationalsozialismus
         [German-language site reproducing documents on World War II,
          the rise of National Socialism, the persecution of the Jews etc.]
  • Zukunft braucht Erinnerung
         [German-language site whose motto is "The Future Needs Remembrance."
          The site includes articles on the Third Reich, Holocaust, World War II, and
          Postwar-Germany, along with a glossary of important terms, a discussion
          forum, reviews, a list of upcoming events, articles on controversial
          topics, descriptions of all relevant memorial sites in Germany, and links.]
  • Aktion Reinhard Camps Archived Website [some and ]
         [Website, in English with some German (and a jump-site in Polish), mostly
         on the "Aktion Reinhard[t] and its camps - Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka - but with
         very good sections on Majdanek, the Nazi occupation of Poland, the
         "Euthanasia / T4" program, other camps, and with excellent links to sites
         on ghettos and Nazi concentration/mass murder camps. Has excellent maps.

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Antiracism Organizations and Sites

Research Centres

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  • Zydzi w Polsce
         [Most highly developed in Polish, although English and German
         pages are being introduced. This site on Jews in Poland has virtual
         exhibitions as well as pages for teachers and students. The links are
         very good. There are hints for teachers in Polish and English.]

Sites Countering Holocaust Denial and Rightwing Extremism

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Information on Canada, Germany, Poland




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