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TIEDI Public Outreach Project-2012!

In March 2011, the TIEDI project received additional funding from the SSHRC Public Outreach program. The purpose of the Public Outreach Grant (POG) is to complete the research and dissemination cycle initiated of TIEDI by identifying the policy and practical implications of TIEDI. Through this project, partners and stakeholders will be engaged to identify policy questions and develop recommendations that emerge from the research.

The public outreach project will develop and disseminate these recommendations through three different mechanisms:

1) innovation fora to frame policy questions arising from initial research findings

2) a series of community consultation rountable sessions to engage target audiences who will discuss policy questions arising from specific findings and their implications for practice and policy-making

3) the development and publication of refined and synthesized policy recommendations.

Furthermore, this project will disseminate the TIEDI model of community-driven, data-based and policy-relevant research to other significant immigrant communities across Canada. More specifically, the TIEDI model will be introduced to community groups, academics and policy-makers working with immigrant organizations in Montreal, Halifax, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa in conference presentations (e.g. Metropolis 2012) and social media. The research team will also work closely with Metropolis centres across the country to advise them on best practices and innovations developed during the TIEDI project and public outreach activities.

To mark the culmination of almost 3 years of analysis by TIEDI, on Friday, October 7th, 2011, TIEDI presented at the forum three synthesizing presentations that has summarized some key findings from TIEDI's work since 2008 and introduced the new TIEDI Public Outreach Project.

By mobilizing knowledge of what we have learned from TIEDI to other urban centres, this project will create opportunities for employers, immigrant service organizations, labour organizations, policy-makers and regulators to reflect on the implications of recent analyses about the labour market integration of immigrants and ultimately enhance their decision-making processes and further their goals of creating lasting change in programs and practices in relation to immigrant recruitment, retraining and retention in the labour market.

To find out more about this project, you can click here to see the presentation from TIEDI's October 7th, 2011 forum or come and visit us at the Metropolis conference workshop and exhibition booth.


To view list of TIEDI's Public Outreach activities this year (2011-2012), click here.

To find out more about this project, contact Stella Park, TIEDI Coordinator by e-mail (pstella@yorku.ca) or by phone, 416-736-2100 Ext 22826.