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Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials for Students

The York University Libraries are pleased to offer these online tutorials for students. Each tutorial includes a self-test allowing students to gauge their understanding of the topic.

Any faculty member is welcome to include these tutorials in class activities. Participation can be tracked by having students print and hand in their quiz results page, or by using YQuiz Statistics & Reports, an online tracking and reporting system for the quizzes.

  • The Academic Integrity Tutorial

    The Academic Integrity Tutorial is designed to help you learn about issues of academic integrity. It explores plagiarism and related matters with case examples and positive strategies you can use to improve your academic efforts and avoid committing an academic offense as outlined in York's Senate Policy on Academic Honesty. This tutorial takes about 30-40 minutes to complete.

  • The Library Research Roadmap

    The Library Research Roadmap is a self-paced tutorial designed to lead you through the steps of the bibliographic research process in preparation for writing an essay in the social sciences or humanities. This tutorial takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.

  • The Web Research Tutorial

    The Web Research Tutorial helps you to learn more about how to use publicly-accessible web sites for research, from understanding what kind of information is freely available on the web to what kinds of search tools and techniques will help you get useful results, and how to critically evaluate and properly document what you find.

  • Pre-Writing Strategies

    The Pre-Writing Strategies online tutorial presents ideas and techniques for getting started on essay-writing assignments, including strategies for understanding your assignment, exploring your own ideas about a topic, gathering ideas from readings, organizing rough notes, and developing a thesis. Now includes an online quiz.