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War Crimes and Refugee Status Research Workshop

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Nergis Canefe

Nergis Canefe

Associate Professor of Political Science at York University
Resident Faculty at Centre for Refugee Studies

Nergis Canefe (Ph.D York, 1998, D.Jur candidate, Osgoode Hall Law School) is Associate Professor of Political Science at York University, and resident faculty at Centre for Refugee Studies. She taught at London School of Economics, UK, and, Bilgi and Bogazici Universities in Turkey prior to her appointment at York in 2003, and is currently an adjunct faculty member at Bilgi University's Faculty of Law.

Her areas of expertise are minority rights, diaspora politics, nationalism and forced migration studies, critical citizenship studies, and, crimes against humanity. Her publications appeared in journals including Refuge, Citizenship Studies, Nations andNationalism, Balkanologie, Turkish Studies, Rethinking History and SouthEast European Politics and Society. She published a co-edited volume Turkey and the European Integration (Routledge 2004) and a sole-authored volume in Turkish titled Citizenship, Identity and Belonging: Limits of Turkish Nationalism (Bilgi University, 2006).

Her new edited volume with William Safran titled The Jewish Diaspora as a Paradigm: Politics, Religion and Belonging (Edwin Mellen Press) is forthcoming in 2008. She is currently working on her second Turkish book titled Sovereign Utopias: Roots of Political Violence in Peripheral Nationalisms, and a new edited volume titled Political Violence and Citizenship in Turkey: Fear, Sacrifice and Social Responsibility (Bilgi University Press).

At Osgoode Hall Law School, she is completing her dissertation titled "Substantive Norms Debate in International Law: A Legal Pluralistic Analysis of Crimes Against Humanity", under the supervision of Craig Scott, Harry Arthurs and Les Jacobs.