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Section: WWW Browsers

Introduction to the Browser and the Web

Features of the Web Browser

  • Launch a web browser (e.g., Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox).
  • Review the main parts of the browser window (example below from Netscape Navigator):


  • Links (hyperlinks): In the main part of the browser window is the web page itself. Most web pages have at least a couple of links on them: these are locations on the page that will do something when you click there (e.g. take you to another page, download a file, play movie, submit a form). If a link is attached to some text you will usually see it underlined and displayed in a different colour. You can generally tell if something is a link because the mouse pointer will change to a pointing hand when it is over a link.
  • Click on this web page: Notice when you do this that a message flashes in the Status line showing you that the page is being downloaded from the server to your computer. If there are pictures or other non-text elements on the page, these will be downloaded as well.


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