Community by Design
1999 Issue 46/47

  • Better Beginnings in Sudbury
  • Masese Women's Housing Co-op in Uganda
  • Papermaking Co-op in the Rainforests og Guatemala

Urban Agriculture
1998 Issue 44/45

  • Food for Action: Consumer Democracy
  • Notes on a Cuban Experience: The Duality of Equality
  • Biotechnology: A Women's Business

Women Tech
1997-1998 Issue 42/43

  • Gender Planning on the Internet
  • Revisiting a Classic Feminist Technotopia
  • Cyberspace: A New Environment for Women
  • Changing the World... Electrnoically

Network Directory and Index
1997 Issue 41

  • Network Directory
  • Habitat II: From a Gendered Perspective

20th Anniversary Issue:
Vancouver to Istanbul

1996 Issue 39/40

  • Women, Tangerine Orchards and Tourism
  • Global Women and Shelters Strategies
  • Aboriginal Women and Housing in Urban Canada

Farm & Rural Business Women in Canada
1996 Issue 38

  • Women are Real Farmers, Aren't They?
  • Fear on the Farm: Action Against Domestic Violence
  • Women & Rural Economic Development

Communities that Work for Women
1995 Volume 14, Number 2

  • Planning for Women's Safety in Cities
  • No Home of Her Own: Gender Homelessness
  • From Poison to Protest: Home-based Resistance to Toxic Pollution

Women, Power and Process
1994 Volume 14, Number 1

  • Towards a Geography of the Lesbian Community
  • Feminism and Community Development
  • Women's Safety and Politics of Transformation

Women & Development
1993 Volume 13, Number 3/4

  • Population and Environment: An Indian Perspective
  • The Debt Crisis in Latin America
  • Life in the UNCED Lane

The Green Consumer: Exposing Sanitary Products
1992 Volume 13, Number 2

  • Women, Environment & Urbanization in the 3rd World
  • Exposing the Sanitary Products' Whitewash
  • Women for a Just and Healthy Planet

Network Directory and Index '91
1991 Volume13, Number 1

  • Network Directory
  • Report on the World Women's Congress for a Healthy Planet
  • Report on the Cincinnati Housing Conference

out of print - photocopies available


Charting a New Environmental Course
1991 Volume12, Number 3/4

  • Women and Environment Activity
  • Why Talk About Women and the Environment?
  • Matching Women, Environment and Development

Implicating the Social
1990 Volume 12, Number 2

  • Parenting: A Collective Job Description
  • Disabled Women's Exclusion from the Mainstream Movement
  • Role Conflict: Coping with Work in a Community Mental Health Centre

Women & Urban Safety
1990 Volume 12, Number 1

  • The City for Women: No Safe Place
  • Moving Forward on Public Transit
  • Women's Work: Incorporating Gender into Theories of Urban and Social Change

out of print - photocopies available



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