Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining: Women and Health
2017 Issue 98/99

  • Women Lead the Fight Against the Largest Mining Plant in Russia
  • Mercury Justice Now: Update from Grassy Narrows
  • Building an Indigenous Response to Environmental Violence


Ethical Engagement in an Age of "Sustainable Consumerism"
2016 Issue 96/97

  • Doing Good and Looking Good: Women in "Fast Fashion" Activism
  • Healthy Nail Salon Network (Toronto)
  • Who Consumes What? Recycling, Ethics and Social Difference


Women and Work in a Warming World
2015 Issue 94/95

  • Opportunities and Constraints for Women in the Renewable Energy Sector in India
  • Gender and Government Actions on Climate Change and Work
  • Gender Justice and Climate Justice


Gender and Social Movements
2013 Issue 92/93

  • "Women Must do it for themselves"
  • Women and the Arab Spring
  • It's bigger than bling bling and the  banks
  • Social Movements and Feminism
  • Pat Noonan doc lively because Noonan always is


Asbestos & Women's Health
2012 Issue 90/91

  • Asbestos: Still Legal and Lethal in North America
  • The Female Face of Britain's Asbestos Catastrophe
  • Canada at a Crossroads with Asbestos Production
  • The Tragic Legacy of Sarnia's White Death


Gender & Food Security
2012 Issue 88/89

  • Beyond Gender and Food Security
  • Harvesting Hope in Northern Manitoba
  • Alleviating the Double Burden
  • Price Hikes and The Feminization of Food Insecurity
  • When Mother's Love is Not Enough

Women and Labour
2011 Issue 86/87

  • The Impact of Austerity on Women in Greece
  • First Nations Women Rising
  • Women's Work, Health, and the Environment in a Small-Scale Mining Site in Northeastern Ghana


Aging, Poverty & Other Constraints
2011 Issue 84/85

  • African/Canadian Grandmother Power
  • Long-Term Care Homes Legislation and Women
  • Women and Aging: an Interview with Laura Sky
  • Sexuality in Long-Term Care
  • Age-Friendly Communities - A Women's Issue

Women and Water
2010 Issue 82/83

  • The Anishinabe Kweag
  • Skeena Sister: Fighting to Save a Sacred River System
  • Women & Water in the Age of Globalization: Protecting Our Most Vital Resource
  • Lest the Creek Run Dry


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