CIKM 2010 Accepted Demo Papers

Paper ID  Title and Authors of Accepted Paper
Session 1 Demonstrations Session 1 (IR Track : Demos 1)
Session Chair: Udo Kruschwitz (University of Essex) and Cathal Gurrin (Dublin City University)
33 EntityEngine: Answering Entity-Relationship Queries using Shallow Semantics, Xiaonan Li, Chengkai Li and Cong Yu
34 Facetedpedia: Enabling Query-Dependent Faceted Search for Wikipedia, Ning Yan, Chengkai Li, Senjuti B. Roy, Rakesh Ramegowda and Gautam Das
50 Discovering, Ranking and Annotating Cross-Document Relationships between Concepts, Wei Jin and Xin Wu
42 TC-DCA: A System for Text Classification Based on Document’s Content Allocation, Li Wenbo, Sun Le, Zhang zhenzhong, Jiang Xue and Zhang Weiru
20 XReal: An Interactive XML Keyword Searching, Zhifeng Bao, Jiaheng Lu and Tok Wang Ling
Session 2 Demonstrations Session 2 (IR Track : Demos 2)
Session Chair: Udo Kruschwitz (University of Essex) and Cathal Gurrin (Dublin City University)
24 EUI: An Embedded Engine for Understanding User Intents from Mobile Devices, SangKeun Lee, JongWoo Ha, Jung-Hyun Lee, Kyu-Sun Shim and Namhoon Kim
44  WikiPop - Personalized Event Detection System Based on Wikipedia Page View Statistics, Marek Ciglan and Kjetil Nørvåg
22 Summarizing biological literature with BioSumm, Elena Baralis and Alessandro Fiori
52 Crawling the Web for Structured Documents, Julián Urbano, Juan Llorens, Yorgos Andreadakis and Monica Marrero
45 Connecting the local and the online in information management, Gabriella Kazai, Natasa Milic-Frayling, Tim Haughton, Natalia Manola, Katerina Iatropoulou, Antonis Lempesis, Paolo Manghi and Marko Mikulicic
Session 3 Demonstrations Session 3 (DB Track : Demos)
Session Chair: Udo Kruschwitz (University of Essex) and Cathal Gurrin (Dublin City University)
46 LiquidXML: Adaptive XML content redistribution, Jesus Camacho-Rodriguez, Asterios Katsifodimos, Alexandra Roatis and Ioana Manolescu
18 Brown Dwarf: A P2P Data-Warehousing System, Katerina Doka, Dimitrios Tsoumakos and Nectarios Koziris
49 RDFViewS: A Storage Tuning Wizard for RDF Applications, Francois Goasdoue, Konstantinos Karanasos, Julien Leblay and Ioana Manolescu
30 SEQUEL: Query Completion via Pattern Mining on Multi-Column Structural Data, Chuancong Gao, Qingyan Yang and Jianyong Wang
41 MI-WDIS: Web Data Integration System for Market Intelligence, Zhongmin Yan, Qingzhong Li, Zhaohui Peng, Yongquan Dong, Yanhui Ding, Yongxin Zhang and Xiuxing Xu
Session 4 Demonstrations Session 4 (KM Track : Demos)
Session Chair: Udo Kruschwitz (University of Essex) and Cathal Gurrin (Dublin City University)
48 FALCON: Seamless Access to Meeting Data from the Inbox and Calendar, Jennifer Lai, Jie Lu, Mercan Topkara, Mukundan Desikan, Yi Guo, Ajinkya Kale, Nizar Lethif, Stephan Wissel, Peter Bjellerup and Karl Cama
40 WS-GraphMatching: A Web Service Tool for Graph Matching, Qiong Cheng, Jinpeng Wei, Alexander Zelikovsky and Mitsunori Ogihara
55 SPAC: A Distributed; Peer-to-Peer, Secure and Privacy-aware Social Space, Angela Bonifati, Hui Wang and Ruilin Liu
51 i-SEE: Integrated Stream Execution Environment over On-line Data Streams, Se Jung Shin, Hong Kyu Park, Ho Jin Woo and Won Suk Lee
19 Exploring and Visualizing Academic Social Networks, Veselin Ganev, Zhaochen Guo, Diego Serrano, Denilson Barbosa and Eleni Stroulia

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