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Author:  Prof. James A. Mason, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Email: jmason (at)

page last updated 2021 Jun 6

I have added some example ASD grammar images from a "real world" application to the Examples page. (See the button above.)

I am beginning to upgrade the tools on this site to Java 8 and have converted to using NetBeans 8 as the IDE for further development on this project.  See the News page for further details.  After updating the Augmented Syntax Diagram tools, I am planning to shift the focus of the project to concentrate on developing CardWorld further as a domain in which to model the syntactic, semantic, pragmatic and cognitive capabilities of CardAgents as examples of entities that can interact and converse with us in English in interesting ways.

This site contains software tools, grammars, and examples developed for parsing and understanding utterances in natural languages such as English.  Highlights of the site are:

You are free to download and use the tools and examples at this site, with appropriate acknowledgment of their origin, and for those licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, in compliance with the terms of that license.  The tools and examples are provided with no warranty expressed or implied.

Another site for ASD examples is That site is maintained by Roxanne Parent.  Among other things, it provides demonstrations of several ASD tools and CardWorld examples that can be run directly from the web site with Java Web Start.

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