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Louise Ripley

Dr. M Louise Ripley
Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies
York University
As of July 1, 2015, I am retired. This web site will remain up but I am not updating the teaching materials.

Courses I Have Taught

Introductory Marketing, Internet Course Armstrong Kotler Marketing Textbook
Gender Issues in Management, Blended Course
Gender Issues in Management, Online Course  
Consumer Behaviour, On-Campus Course
Social Marketing (Honours and MES)
Marketing Channels
Marketing for Competitive Advantage  

Philosophical and Ethical Issues in the Mass Media

I also have taught, in Atkinson College and in the Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies: Contemporary Issues in Marketing, Marketing Research, Social Marketing, Introductory Finance, Financial Management, and Intermediate Financial Management, and have supervised over 50 Honours Theses. At the Faculty of Environmental Studies, I have taught Social Marketing and done Thesis Supervision at the Masters level. I have served as Masters Thesis Supervisor for a student in Interdisciplinary Studies. I also supervised a PhD thesis in Native Studies at Trent University, for Dr. Sandi Warren. I also have sat as Internal/External Examiner on numerous Masters and Phd Thesis Oral Examinations across the campus.
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My Teaching Philosophy

Students are my top priority
Education ought to be enjoyable
What matters most is helping students learn how to learn. One of the neatest things a student ever said to me, about my Consumer Behaviour course, "You taught me so well that I feel I could teach the course myself"!
Theory and practice are equally important
Teaching and Research as two sides of the same coin
What you get out of anything depends on what you put into it
There is no such thing as a stupid question 
Students earn the grades; I record them
Ultimately it's all connected, everything to everything else, and one of the joys of education and scholarship is discovering those links

(For more of my philosophy of life, see my Personal Page)
Teaching Awards

My proudest accomplishment is being awarded the Atkinson Alums Teaching Excellence Award in 1996, one of the things in my career of which I am particularly proud because it is awarded by the students.

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York University, Toronto
M Louise Ripley, M.B.A., Ph.D.