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A - Not Everyone Gets One
Abrasive - Who's Abrasive?
Academic Honesty (also see Ethics)
Access to Computers
Affirmative Action Explained
After-Sales Service Warranty
Arriving Late to Class
Art in Marketing (as well as Science)
Assignments - Format for Submitting
Assignments - Late
Assignments - Reappraisals

Assumptions in Assignments
Atkinson Teaching Award From Alums

B  Index

Baboons at Tests
Behaviour in the Classroom and On-Line

Best Teacher (my best teacher)
Better Grades - How to Make Them
Binding Papers To Hand In (use staple only)
Blue Jays, Toronto Baseball Club
   Bautista, Jose
   Carter, Joe
   Lind, Adam
   Stairs, Matt
   Zaun, Gregg
Books, Obtaining Course Texts
Books, My Favourites

C+ in Intro? You Can Still Do Honours
Calculators Not Needed in Tests

Career Waldo - Finding (Exercise)
Causality in Research
CAUT Defense Fund - Strike Support Visits
Changing Marks
Channels Course Syllabus
Chat Rooms (I don't use any)
Church (mine: Unitarian Universalist)
Class, Social - My Paper About
Communications - Policy Page
Computer Access
Computer Problems
Computers and Webs - The Idiot's Guide
Consumer Behaviour Course Syllabus
Content of Papers - What Do I Put in?

Cooking Images
Counseling Centre - Atkinson - Room 116 Atkinson (416-736-5225)
Courses I Teach
Customer - Students are not

C.V. for Louise Ripley

Dates for Academic Year
Deadlines - Submitting Work Late
Deferred Standing in Course Work, Tests, Exams, or Exam Substitutes
De-Genderized Language
Delaying a Test
dian marino
Did My Best - What Went Wrong?
Directory for York University
Disabilities, Learning
Discussion Groups (Internet courses)
Distance Education
Dog Ads: Humour and Argumentation
Doing Well in Courses
Don't Post My Grades, Please!
Double-Spaced or Single-Spaced?
Dropping out of your group

Drucker, Peter on Mission Statements


EEOC (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)
Early Handing in an Assignment or Final Paper
email me at lripley@yorku.ca
email Account at York - needed for Internet courses

email - finding addresses for York People
email - No Answer From Me
Earning your Grade
Eating in Restaurants to Improve Your Writing

Elephants - Using the Right Word for Better Writing
Employers - What They Look For
English as a Second Language
Enjoying Learning
Enrolling Late (you can't do this)
Enrolling in a Course after the Enrol-Without-Permission Date
(you can't do this either)
Enrolling in a Course that is Full (and you can't do this)
Epistemological Showdown (dian marino)
Equal Pay Suit
Erik Ripley Christensen, my son
ESL  Help
Ethical Behaviour
Ethics in Research and Writing
Ethics Case - UnHip Fries
Ethics in Advertising Paper by Louise Ripley
Examples of Test Questions
Exams/Tests Policy Page
Exams - Preparing For Tests
Exams for those at a Distance of more than 3 hours
Exam/Test Results - Unhappy?
Excuses - how good a one do you need?
- Don't Ask

Favourite Books
Favourite Teacher of Mine
Favourite Thing At York

Feminism - My Definition
Final Exam Substitutes - Submitting Late
Finding Things (use this Index)
Flying Picket Reports
Format for Assignments (see also Individual Courses)
Former Students
Frequently Asked Questions

Gambling as a Product
Gear Ring and Relationship Marketing
Gender Issues in Management Course Syllabus
Gender Issues in Management Tests
Getting Good Grades
Gilbert, Michael Multi-Modal Argumentation

Glass of Water -a  twist on the old question
Goals of My Teaching
Grade - Improving them
Grades - On Late Work
Grade - Raise Mine
Grades Policy Page
Grades - Finding Posted Grades
Grades - Unhappy with Yours? 
Greyhound, Mine
Ground Rules Policy Page
Group Work
Groups That Don't Physically Meet
Guide to Navigating My Web Site

Hadida, Danny on New Products
Handing in a Paper Early
Hearing Back From Me
How Long is the Paper?
Higher Mark - I Need One
Hints on Doing Better on Tests

How Much Time to Spend Preparing Outside Class
Hunt, Shelby, Theory of Marketing
Hunt, Shelby - Three Dichotomies Model of Marketing

"i" Statements
Idiot's Guide to My Web Site

I'm Special
Improving Your Mark
In-Class Tests - What to Bring
Individual Work
Internet Group Work

Internet Assignments - Submitting
Internet Teaching Article
Introductory Marketing Course Syllabus
Introductory Marketing - Marketing Plan Instructions
Internet - Used in Courses

Interview for Job - Asking About Salary
Job Hunt Exercise: Finding Career Waldo
Joining Theory and Practice
Kangaroo - Louise in Retirement
Keep Up With Your Assigned Reading
Kotler, Philip

Language - Degenderizing
Last Six Digits of Student Number
Late Assignments
Late Enrollment
Late Entry to Courses You Are Enrolled In
Late to Class

Late Work
Learning Aids - Finding Your Way on the Web
Learning Disabilities
Length of Assignments

Level Playing Field
Limited Space in Short-Answer Tests
Lindbergh, Charles A.
Links Page - Web Links to Other Places
Long - How Long Should An Assignment Be?
Louise's Equal Pay Story

MBA, Finance: Loyola University of Chicago
Map of York (Keele Campus)
Map - Positioning
Make-Up Tests/Exams and Exam Substitutes

Marketing, Introductory Course Materials
Marketing Concept
Marketing for Competitive Advantage Course Syllabus
Marketing Plan - Required Format
Marks - Finding Posted Marks
Marks - Raise My Mark Please
Marks - Why I Can't Give You More
Memorial University CAUT VisitMescal Worm Lollipop
MGB - My All-Time Favourite Car
Missed A Test or Assignment
Moncton's Mittens
Money - Don't Spend it on Projects or Presentations
Most Often Asked Money Question
Multi-Modal Argumentation
Multiple Choice Questions


Navigating My Web Site
Need More Marks to Graduate
Needs, Special

New Product Case Study - Hadida
No Means No  (Professor's "no" also means "no")
No Answer on email
Nurses and Assertiveness

Objectives of Course Work
One Paper for Two Courses
Overloading Classes

Peer Evaluation
Personal Page (more about Louise)
Petition to Defer Course Work/Test
Philosophical & Ethical Issues in the Mass Media Course Syllabus
Plan Ahead for Emergencies
Plan Instructions for Intro Marketing Plan
Point Form

Policy Pages
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Ground Rules
Positioning and Positioning Maps
Positive Space
Posted Grades - Where to Find Them

Pre-Grading Assignments (don't ask me to do it) Preparing for Tests
Preparation Time Outside Class

Quality of Life Issues
Quantitative vs Qualitative Data/Research
Quiz on Course Kits
Questions - none are stupid (but don't push it)

Raging Grannies
Raise My Mark, Please (don't ask me to do this)

Reading Good Books, for Pleasure and for Learning How to WriteReadings for Courses 
Real World Relevance
References in Written Work
Registering for Courses
Requests for Marks by email (Don't Ask)
Research Page
Returning Tests
Reviewing for Tests

Roosevelt, Mrs. Eleanor
Rosenthal, Joe - Iwo Jima and my father
Rotfeld, Herbert Jack - on Socially Conscious Targeting
Rules - Classroom Behaviour
Rules - General for All Courses

Salary - What To Ask For
Sandi Warren on Diversity
Sandi Warren Teaching, video
Sarah Gilbert on Good Services Marketing
Security in Test Rooms
Service/Administrative Part of My Job
Services Marketing - humour
Shimer College (my undergraduate school)
Shimer College - A Typical Classroom of 12
Shimer College - My Recruiting Letter
Short Answer Questions ARE Short-Answer
Single-Spaced or Double-Spaced?
Smith, Thomas - on Advertising
Social Marketing Course Syllabus
Social Class Paper by Louise Ripley
Social Marketing Tests

Spacing - Single or Double?
Special Needs Students
Spending Money on Presentations (don't)
Spirit of St. Louis
Sports and Business
Starting Late in a Course
Strike of York Faculty/Librarians -1997
Strike Stories
Student as Customer (You're Not)
Student Numbers on Cover Pages (don't use them)
Students - Former

Study Buddy by Danny Hadida
Subliminal Ads
Submitting Work
Submitting Work in an Internet Course
Submitting Work Past A Deadline
Supportive Professors
Survivor! (An article on teaching on the Internet)

Tap Dancing
Taping Me When I Speak
Teaching Award - Atkinson
Teaching Page
Teaching Philosophy
Technical Problems in Internet Courses
Telephone (don't phone, use email)
Tests Policy Page
Tests - I Did My Best; What Went Wrong?
Tests - Make-up Tests
Theory and Practice
Time Limits on Online Course Materials (none)

Trucks - My Truck
Truckers - a story by Mark Richardson
Two More Marks

Waldo - Find Your Career Waldo (Exercise)
Warren, Sandi on Diversity
Warren, Sandi Teaching, video
Waving Hand Exercises
Web Guide/Instructions
Web Materials
Website - Finding Your Way Around
Women and Business Course Syllabus (now Gender Issues in Management)

Words to Live By
Write Within The Lines on Tests
Writing Better Assignments
Writing Essays
Writing Essays - Point, Proof, Comment
Writing - Read Books To Improve Your Writing
Wrong - What Went Wrong? I Did My Very Best (doing better on tests)

York email Account Needed
York University Home Page
YOU Check Your Prerequisites
YOU Earn the Grade
Youth Culture Article
YUFA 1997 Strike
Zen - Contacting Me/Not Contacting Me

If there's anything else you want to know and you don't see it here, please email me and ask lripley@yorku.ca

York University, Toronto
M Louise Ripley, M.B.A., Ph.D.