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This section of our site is dedicated to teachers. Here you will find lesson plans that are organized by topic and age group. Students can use the resources available through this and the Resources section to supplement. Lesson plans are listed below and are available in pdf format by clicking on the title. Lesson plans will be added regularly as they are completed so please remember to check back for new content.


Herb Carnegie's Future Aces: PDF Presentation

Harriet's Daughter: A Teacher's Guide

- The Underground Railroad Game

Thematic indexes to Autobiographies

Notes on Stanley G. Grizzle PDF

Notes on Carol Talbot PDF

The Greatest Freedom Show on Earth

Notes on Cheryl Foggo PDF

Notes on Herb Carnegie PDF

Notes on Willie O'Ree

Canada's Railroad History

Canada's Labour History

"Our Hair" Canada and World Connections

Mapping Diaspora: Routes and Roots

The Arts: Railway Blues and Songs - Grade 7 & 8

Code Switching and Proverbs

Careers: Discovering the Workplace - Grade 10

The Individual and the Economy - Grade 11

A Little Folk Geography

Curriculum Connections: Pourin' Down Rain

Discovering the Workplace: Herb Carnegie
and the Future Aces Philosophy

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