Topic Constellations

The materials of this site are arranged in "constellations" in order to promote thinking in context and avoid the dangers of single-storytelling. The texts available through our LIBRARY are rich in themselves, yet study across a combination of texts and other resource materials will yield even greater pathways to understanding.

For a brief introduction to this concept of topic constellations, please visit our HOW TO USE THIS SITE page.

Each of the links below will take you to a page designed to offer materials to explore the topic in both depth and breadth through the use of the primary texts themselves, additional resources, lesson plans and activities, as well as introductions to the themes that link them.

Culture and Identity: "Our Hair"

Language: Code Switching and Proverbs

Mapping: Migrations in Texts

Labour: Railroad Porters' Blues

Language: Racial Insults and Bullying

Mapping: Diaspora and Migration

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