The Packer Lab

The Packer Lab, located at 345 Lumbers Building at York University, is a central hub for wild bee research. Investigations on the morphology, phylogeny, ecology and other aspects of bee biology take place here.

As part of PCYU, the Packer Lab strives to categorize and learn as much about wild bees as possible.

PCYU has been one of the fastest growing bee collections in the world, is the largest bee collection in Canada and has specimens from over 100 countries with perhaps ¼ of all bee species represented (although comparatively few are identified to the species level as of yet) and >90% of the world's bee genera.

We also have a state-of-the-art digital imaging system.

Specimen Exchange

Interested in a loan of specimens or an exchange?

With >90% of the world's genera in the collection, most researchers performing revisionary studies of bees will probably want to borrow some of our material for their studies. The only genera we DO NOT CURRENTLY have available are listed below. However, please note that some of our genera have been loaned from other institutions. Exchanges of some of the genera we do not have for those we have in abundance are most welcome. Please contact the boss.

Unavailable Genera

These are genera that we still need for the collection.

  • To be announced...

Presentations and Conferences

Every one or two years, York University bee researchers organize a conference about bees for local universities, though there are usually one or more longer distance travelers in attendance, sometimes to give a plenary session. Programs for the last two such BeeCons are below.

Past Presentations and Conferences

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