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Career Conversations 07:
Industry Insights Human Resource Management

In this session students got insight from representatives working in this field and found out where they see areas of growth and opportunity now and over the next five years. Students asked questions and learned what they can do today to give them an edge when they graduate.

Panelist Introductions

Taso Kremizis  Taso Kremizis
Talent Acquisition Professional, SmartCentres
I was first introduced to Talent Selection and Sourcing almost 10 years ago and now I have evolved into a coach, mentor and career advisor within my organization. The ability to help develop and grow our internal associates into professionals is exciting. Each day presents a new problem but if you think like me, then you would not see this as a new problem but rather a new solution.

Industry Insights: Human Resource Management: Taso Kremizis Intro

Samantha Lee  Samantha Lee
Senior Integration Analyst, CIBC
Samantha is currently a Senior Integration Analyst within the Technology Infrastructure group at CIBC responsible for people change management (PCM) support and the development of change/transition plans. Prior to this she was Manager, eRecruitment for CIBC responsible for operational management of the Recruitment Management System, recruitment process analysis, internal consulting, project execution, and recruitment innovation. Samantha also has experience in Recruiting and applying Lean Six Sigma Methodology in her previous HR roles at CIBC.

Industry Insights: Human Resource Management: Samathan Lee Intro

Leslie NewhallLeslie Newhall
Wishes Concierge
I happened upon my career in HR by accident really. But wow am I glad that it happened! I really underestimated how it would lend itself to allowing me to live my dream and become an entrepreneur! I am known by my friends and colleagues as a 'realist' - and I love taking care of the 'people side' of the business!

Industry Insights: Human Resource Management: Leslie Newhall Intro

Questions & Answers

Could you clarify the different roles and responsibilities within HR such as generalist, training and recruitment?

What are some common entry points for new graduates to enter the field of HR?

Is it better to go to college or university when preparing for a career in HR?

Can you comment on the demand for HR professionals over the next years?

Can you comment on the salary range in HR – is there a potential to earn much money in this field?

How critical is the professional CHRP designation in this field?

Do you actually read and consider resumes sent by the internet?

Where is the strongest demand for workers?

I've heard that administrative positions are a good way to start, but they don't give you any hands-on HR experience, especially if they are not in an HR department what do you advise?

Would you endorse getting a general business degree or diploma over one strictly focused on HR?

Although employers want to hear that I plan on staying with them for the long haul, I'm hearing that there is a lot of movement in a person's career these days – should I be preparing for a dynamic career path?

What is a good length of time to hold a position before moving on?

Do you find it challenging to convince employers to invest in training employees given that they may not be around very long?

Do you have any final thoughts for students thinking of entering this field?