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Career Fair Winter 2014

Crestwood Valley Day Camp

Crestwood is a co-ed camp for children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 15 years of age located in a beautiful valley at Bayview and Lawrence in Toronto.  Crestwood staff are creative, spirited and love working with children. We are actively seeking individuals interested in working as camp counsellors, activity specialists (arts, sports, nature) and swimming instructors for July and August 2014. At Crestwood 'We're All One Big Family".

Type of positions: Summer
Recruiting for: Camp Counsellors, Activity Specialist in the Arts / Sports / Nature / Swimming Instruction / Lifeguarding
Skills required: Each candidate must have spirit, energy and experience working with young children
Related programs of study: all programs
Number of positions: 150
Where positions are posted: Career Centre's online job posting system
How to apply: Visit our booth at the event. All applications are completed in our office once an interview is granted.
How to prepare: Simply visit our booth to speak with our representatives about the employment opportunities at Crestwood Valley Day Camp

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