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Technology Internship Program Employer Panel: Video

Recorded February 10, 2011
This panel event featured insights from former Technology Internship Program (TIP) interns on what to expect and how to succeed in an internship. They spoke about their experiences at Evertz Microsystems and IBM Canada. TIP recruiters also talked about the types of skills employers are looking for in potential interns and what is involved in the application process.

Full Presentation (36:26) Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Participating Panelists

Abdullah Merei Abdullah Merei
Software Engineer, Evertz Microsystems
Former TIP Intern
Jennifer Kamuf

Jennifer Kamuf
Student Program Owner, Human Resources, IBM Canada Ltd.

Damian McCabe

Damian McCabe
Web Developer, IBM Canada Ltd.
Former TIP Intern


Questions & Answers

What type of skills are you looking for in potential employees? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

What can help students get hired after the internship program? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

What advice do you have for students interested in the internship program? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Can you provide advice on using social networking sites like LinkedIn? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Does your company use Facebook in your recruiting process? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

In one word what are you seeking from potential internship candidates? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

What does the first few days of work for internship students entail? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Besides technical questions, what other types of questions are asked in the interview? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

What types of extracurricular activities did you do when you were a student? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

If you are accepted into the internship program as a software developer do you start off being a tester? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

What does a testers role involve? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

What advice do you have for preparing for a successful interview? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

What are the differences between longer and shorter internships? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

How do you rate a co-op program in comparison to an internship program? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

How can interns gain knowledge from their peers? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)
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