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Geography Colloquium Series



Fall 2013 - Winter 2014

 Convenor: Ranu Basu

(Unless otherwise noted, colloquia are held at 11.30am in Ross N120 and are preceded by the departmental coffee morning in the Geography Lounge at 10.30am)





Sept 10

Jennifer Hyndman

York University

Understanding Nationalisms in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka: Touring 'Terrorism' and Seeing What the Bad Guys Did"

Sept 17

David Butz

Brock University

Road Construction, Disaster and Food Relief: Social Change in a Gojali Village, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Sept 24

Heidi Swanson

University of Waterloo

Mercury rising? Interactions of fish life history, trophic ecology, and mercury bioaccumulation in coastal Arctic lakes

Oct 1

Dr. Mohanakumar

Visiting scholar YCAR

State Mediation and The Shift in Cropping Pattern: Analysis of the Shift from Food Crops to Natural Rubber in Tripura, India

Oct 8

519 Kaneff Tower

Vinay Gidwani

University of Minnesota

Co-hosted with YCAR

Value Struggles: Waste Work and Urban Ecology in Delhi.

Oct 15

Valerie Preston

York University

Geographies of Multiculturalism: Local Tensions, Responses and Initiatives.

Oct 21

(Mon 6pm, N940Ross)


Derek Gregory

University of British Columbia

Drones and the Everywhere War

Oct 22

(ACE 007)

Derek Gregory

The Natures of War

Oct 29

Sean Carey

McMaster University

Oil sands reclamation: hydrofantasy or reality?

Co-Curricular Days (Oct. 30-Nov. 3)

Nov 5

Michelle Buckley

University of Toronto Scarborough

On the work of urbanization: migration, construction work and city-building in Dubai

Nov 12

Brian Hracs

Ryerson University

‘Getting Paid Is A Treat’

The Precariousness of Creative Labour in Toronto

Nov 19

(begin at 11 am)

Dan Yon

York University

Sathima’s Windsong (movie)

Nov 26

Mizhar Mikhati, PhD III

'The International Food Crisis: A Geographical Investigation of the Egyptian Context
  Charvaak Pati, PhD III Spaces of Resistance and the post-colonial world: A study of autoworkers' strikes in India

Dec 3

Kathryn Dennler, PhD III

Ph.D Proposal Presentation

Jan 7

Tarmo Remmel

York University

Here a pattern, there a pattern, everywhere a pattern

Jan 14

Kean Birch

York University

We have never been neoliberal!

Jan 21

Ebru Ustundag

Brock University

Understanding Emergency  Department Reliance in St. Catharines: A Collaborative Research Project between Niagara Health System, Quest and Brock University

Jan 28, 7pm

Nat Taylor Cinema


Mark Terry

Office of the Dean,

Faculty of LA&PS

Connecting the Docs: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Policy with Film

Jan 28

Carl Mitchell

University of Toronto Scarborough

Forestry Impacts on the Mercury Cycle – A Field Experiment

Feb 4

Ju Hui Judy HAN 

University of Toronto

“If you build it, they will come”: Protestant megachurches and contentious politics in Seoul

Feb 11

Christian Abizaid

University of Toronto

Riverine livelihoods in the Peruvian Amazon: Lessons for conservation and development and for environmental change adaptation.

READING WEEK (February 18 )

Feb 25

Gerda Wekerle

Don Leffers

Stories about developers in the Toronto region: An institutionalist reading

Mar 4

Matt Stevens, MA I

Raushan Bhuiyan, MA I

Alexie Felipe, MA I

Proposal Presentations

Mar 11

Sarah Ariai, MA I

Crystal Melville, MA I

Stefan Decosse, MA I

Proposal Presentations

Mar 18 11-12:30

Denise McLeod, MA I

Catherine Mulas, MA I

Allison Magpayo, MA I

Ashley O'Brien, MSc I

Proposal Presentations

Mar 25 11-12:30

Alana Gennara, MA I

Tim Persaud, MA I

Cara Bulger, MSc I

Julian Gutierrez Castano, MA I

Proposal Presentations

Apr 1


Olalekan Balogun, MSc I

Ryan Rimas, MSc I

Sarah Dovaston, MA I

Megan Youdelis, PhD II

Paul Bocking, PhD II

Proposal Presentations



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