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Graduate Program in Nursing

Faculty & Researchers

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Gail J. Mitchell, RN, BScN, MScN, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: HNES Room 343
Telephone: 416-736-2100 (ext. 33897)

Research and Scholarly Interests
Professor Gail Mitchell is a human becoming scholar, a leader of client centred
care practices, a researcher using phenomenological and evaluation
methodologies, and an emerging artist. Since receiving her PhD from the
University of South Carolina in 1992, she has been a nurse scientist at the
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (formerly The Queen Elizabeth Hospital) and
chief nursing officer at Sunnybrook & Women’s Health Sciences Centre. She
started in her full time teaching role at York in 2003. Gail’s 20 years in practice
have nurtured in her a deep and abiding respect for the work nurses do and for
the profound impact that work has on peoples’ lives. She honors nurses in her
teaching and writing and she has won many awards and accolades for her
truthful and transformative approaches in nursing practice, research, and

Professor Mitchell’s scholarly interests include: integrating the arts in research
dissemination, the ethics of nursing practice and education, nursing knowledge
and nursing theory, transformative leadership, unitary thinking & global health,
human science nursing, lived experiences of dementia and diabetes, ehealth
technology, teaching-learning through discussion, human becoming theory and
criticism, and the development of moral consciousness.

1992 – PhD, Nursing Science. University of South Carolina
1987 – MScN, University of Toronto
1984 – BScN, Florida Atlantic University
1974 – Diploma, Nursing, St. Rita’s School of Nursing

Selected Publications
Jonas-Simpson, C. J., & Mitchell, G. J. (2005). Giving voice to
expressions of quality of life for persons with dementia through story,
music, and art. Alzheimer’s Care Quarterly, 6, 52-61.

Mitchell, G. J., Pilkington, F. B., Jonas-Simpson, C., Aiken, F., Carson, M.
G., Fisher, A., & Lyon, P. (2005). The meaning of waiting for persons in
long-term care. A descriptive-exploratory study. Nursing Science
Quarterly, 18, 98-104.

Mitchell, G. J. (2004). An emerging framework for human becoming
criticism. Nursing Science Quarterly, 17, 103-109.

Pilkington, F. B., & Mitchell, G. J. (2004). Quality of life for women living
with a gynecological cancer. (2004). Quality of life for women living with
gynaecologic cancer. Nursing Science Quarterly, 17, 147-155.

Mitchell, G. J., & Bunkers, S. S. (2003). Engaging the abyss: A mis-take of
opportunity. Nursing Science Quarterly. 16, 121-125.

Mitchell, G. J. (2003). Abstractions and particulars: Leaning theory for
practice. Nursing Science Quarterly, 16, 310-314.

Mitchell, G. J., Ferguson-Paré, M., & Richards, J. (2003). Exploring an
alternative metaphor for nursing: Relinquishing military images and
language. The Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, 16(1), 48-60.

Bournes, D. A., & Mitchell, G. J. (2002). Waiting: The experience of
persons in a critical care waiting room. Research in Nursing & Health, 25,

Mitchell, G. J. (2002). Evidence-based practice: Critique and alternative
view. In J. W. Kenney (Ed.), Philosophical and theoretical perspectives for
advanced nursing practice (3rd ed.), (pp. 261-267). Sudbury, MA: Jones
and Bartlett. (Reprinted from Nursing Science Quarterly, 12, 30-35).

Mitchell, G.J. (2002). Self-serving and other-serving: Matters of trust and
intent. Nursing Science Quarterly, 15, 288-293.

Mitchell, G. J., & Lawton, C. (2000). Living with the consequences of
personal choices for persons with diabetes: Implications for educators &
practitioners. Canadian Journal of Diabetes Care, 24(2), 23-30.

Selected Grants
2004 I am still here - Living with Alzheimer’s disease. Mitchell, G. J.,
& Jonas-Simpson, J. (Co-P.I.s), & Ivonoffski, V. (Playwright/ Director).
(Ken Murray and the Murray Alzheimer and Research
Education Program (MAREP), & University of Waterloo; Collaborative
Research Program: Rehabilitation & Long-Term Care; Sunnybrook &
Women’s Research Institute; Canadian Nurses Foundation, $45,000).

2003 Living with diabetes: Expanding self-care for persons living
with diabetes [Web site development project] Mitchell, G. J., & Nagle, L.
M. (Co-P.I.s). (Richard Ivy Foundation, $50,000)

2003 Impact of nursing development and patient centred care.
Bournes, D. (P.I.) (University Health Network), Mitchell, G. J., et al.
(Change Foundation, $100,000)

2001 The lived experience of waiting for persons in long term care.
Mitchell, G. J., Pilkington, F. B., Jonas-Simpson, C. (Co-P.I.s).
(Collaborative Research Program: Rehabilitation & Long-Term Care,

2000 The lived experience of feeling listened to. Jonas-Simpson, C.,
Fisher, A., & Mitchell, G. J. (Co-P.I.s). (Collaborative Research Program:
Rehabilitation & Long-Term Care, $3,500)

Current Research Projects
* Evaluating research-based drama as a vehicle for disseminating
research findings. Proposal development & submission for funding.

* Evaluating web-based activities for impact on persons living with