Shame-mi-lady Shame

Shame-mi-lady. Shame
Shame-mi-lady. Shame

And what she learned she taught her daughter.

Shame-mi-lady. Shame
Shame-mi-lady. Shame
Shame-mi-lady. Shame
Come here! Where yuh was?
Yuh was at the river.
It yuh tell me a lie,
I cut yuh tail this morning.

Go for Mr. Alligator
Go for it.
Now! (SLAP)
Where yuh were? (SLAP)
Talk nuh! (SLAP)
Who and you were there?
Don't back answer me! (SLAP)
You and that child from cross the river!
Come back here to me!

How many times I have to tell yuh
don't leave the yard. Yuh hear me?
Yuh too hard ears.
Yuh must know who to mix up with.

Turn round. Stand still.
Let me fix your hair.
I don't know where I get yuh from.
Yuh must be a thow back.
No decent man going want to marry yuh.
Yuh going to have to work for yuh living.
You mark my words: yuh better study hard.
Learn yuh lessons. Turn round.

I see it in the paper seh they having a scholarship exam
in Oracabessa next month. They have a scholarship gor a girl
to go to the High School in Brown's Town. One so-so scholarship
them have for the whole parish. I sending yuh for the exam. Yuh
better make sure when yuh come home yuh have it in yuh pock-
et. Yuh hear me? Hmmpgh!

Yuh too dark.
Turn around I say.
Little more yuh gwan
till yuh make shame and disgrace come down pon poor me.
At least your hair is little goodish.
I don't know why it won't grow long.
I don't know why God give me a child with hair like yours.
Can't even curl.
After all the prayers I pray.
God knows I try my best.
God knows I try my best.