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Criminological Perspectives

Arrigo - Call to Action
Cesare Beccaria | On Crimes and Punishments (1764)
Chapter two Theories of Deviance and Crime
Criminology Bibliography
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Henry and Milovanovic"s <i>Constitutive Criminology at Work</i>
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The Critical Criminology Scholarship



1. Demonological Perspectives

--- Demonic Perspectives (Cecil Greek)

--- Salem Witchcraft Trials 1692

--- The Salem Witchcraft Papers

--- lecture on social disorder and imbalance

---Medieval Sourcebook: Witchcraft Documents [15th Century]

-- Zebulon Reed Brockway ,  Superintendent of the Detroit House of Correction "The Ideal of a  True Prison System for a State" 1877

--- Allen Blake  The Theological Theory of Crime - a theology of crime from the writings of the Apostle Paul


2. Classical and Neo-Classical Schools

i) The contributions of Cesare Beccaria  (1738-1794) On Crimes and Punishments   


Actual text On Crimes and Punishments: 1764 

---Beccaria, Cesare. On Crimes and Punishments   (courtesy of

© January 23, 2002)


--- Of Crimes and Punishments Cesare Bonesana, Marchese Beccaria, 1738-1794

---Summaries of the text:

Cecil Greek re Cesare Beccaria  historical background  and theory

--- Cesare Beccaria (1738-1794)  Internet Encyclopedia of philosophy

--- Cesare Beccaria: Essay on Crimes and Punishments Internet Modern History Sourcebook. (short)

--- Bruce Hoffman  Outline: Beccaria's Argument in On Crimes and Punishments


Classical and Neo-Classical Schools (cont’d)

--- Jeremy Bentham  by Kim Swanson

---Benthamism  2009 by Kevin Knight  (short)

--- 2009 Jeremy Bentham by  William Sweet  Internet Encyclopedia of philosophy


--- the full text: Jeremy Bentham  1748-1832;  The Rationale of Punishment

--- Bentham, Jeremy The Panopticon Writings. Ed. Miran Bozovic (London: Verso, 1995). p. 29-95

--- Panopticism: Foucault, Michel Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison pp. 195-228

---  Discipline & Punish (1975),  Torture. 1. The Body of the Condemned

--- Michel Foucault by Scott McGaha

3. The Positive Schools of Early Criminology

Ferri, Enrico. Criminal Sociology.

--- Rafter  on Cesare Lombroso and the origins of criminology

--- Lombroso (brief entries)

--- Phrenology (brief entries)

The History of Phrenology

--- George Combe (1788-1858)

--- Phrenology in the 20th century

--- The Future of Phrenology

--- The Loose Foundations of Criticism against Phrenology

--- Renato M.E. Sabbatini,Phrenology: the History of Brain Localization

--- Modern Phrenology

--- Matthew  Vukin  Phrenology in America

---brief pages on Dr. Franz Gall (1758-1828)

---1949: William Sheldon: Objective Method


Biological Theories of Crime


--- Contemporary Biological and Integrated Perspectives by Diana Fishbein

--- Biological perspectives in criminology by Diana Fishbein

--- Nicole Hahn Rafter, Biological Theories of Crime: A Historical Overview

--- brief overview Dr. Robert E. Ford Biological and Psychological Theories of Crime

--- brief overview Genetic Theories


Psychological Theories of Crime

--- Dr. Raymond H. Hamden, Psychology of Terrorists: 4 types

--- Majid Yar.   Neither Scylla nor Charybdis: Transcending the Criminological Dualism Between Rationality and the Emotions  Internet Journal of Criminology

--- Thomas Richardson, Conceptual and Methodological Challenges in Examining the Relationship Between Mental Illness and Violent Behaviour and Crime

--- W De Haan  2002  On the emotions of crime, punishment and social control

Psychiatric/ Psychoanalytic/  Psychodynamic Theories

--- Harold J. Bursztajn, Albert E. Scherr and Archie Brodsky The Rebirth of Forensic Psychiatry in Light of Recent Historical Trends in Criminal Responsibility

--- Personality Theories: a resource page of contributors

--- Psychological Jurisprudence and Radical Social Change Dennis R. Fox

1993 American Psychologist, 48, 234-241

--- A Brief Outline of Psychoanalytic Theory

--- Freud and PsychoanalysisDr. C. George Boeree

--- Freudian approaches

--- Freud resources and brief overview

Economic Theories of Crime

--- Ralph C. Allen “Socioeconomic conditions and property crime: a comprehensive review and test of the professional literature” American Journal of Economics and Sociology, , July, 1996;col1

--- Aric Hall   socio-economic theories of crime

--- The Economics of Crime and the Criminal Justice System Steven D. Levitt

--- Stuart Clubb Do economic theories of crime explain the causes of criminality in the United

Kingdom in the present day?

Philosophical Explanations

--- Philosophical Issues and Criminological Theory   (Cecil E. Greek)

--- Hil, Richard, "Facing Change: New Directions for Critical Criminology in the Early New Millennium?" Western Criminology Review 3 (2).

---Crime in the Mind of Dostoyevsky  Elif Aslan Bulut

--- list of existential –phenomenological thinkers




1. Normative Approaches:  “The Constructed Social Reality of Crime”

---The Division of Labor in Society (1893) [R. A. Jones. Emile Durkheim 28pp

---In His Own Words: 11pp

--- Émile Durkheim and the birth of sociology   3pp

---Functionalist Explanations 8pp

---The Anomie Tradition Explaining Rates of Deviant Behavior ©J. D. Orcutt, 2002   5pp

2. Interpretive/ Performative Approaches: “Constructing Crime”

---Max Weber (c. 1897) Definition of Sociology  23pp

---From K Wolff  The Sociology of GeorgSimmel. Free Press, 1950, 5pp

---Howard Becker 5pp


Notes on H. Becker  (1963) Outsiders, New York: Free Press 3pp

3. Power, Class and Inequality: “Constructors of Crime”

--- The Sociology of Georg Simmel  (K. H. Wolff).  Free Press, 1950, pp. 13-17. 4pp

---Thorstein Veblen Theory of the Leisure Class:  Conspicuous   Consumption  15pp

---Conflict Tradition Neo-Marxist and Interest Group Theory J. D. Orcutt, 2002    8pp

---Critical Criminology 6pp

4. Contributions of Marx and Engels

---The German Ideology by Marx and Engels Marx on Crime Chpt 3: Saint Max 17pp

---Apologist Conception of the Productivity of All Professions]  Section 11 Only   2pp

---Jonathon M. Hyde Theory in Criminology and Criminal justice: 7pp



Critical Enquiries and Contemporary Cultural Critiques: Beyond the text

A. Feminist Theories

---Feminist Criminology  3pp

---Feminism and Critical Criminology: Toward a Feminist Praxis M. Chesney-Lind  5pp

---Crime and Gender3pp

---A Feminist Perspective on Women and Crime 6pp

---From Patricia Hill Collins, Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge,Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment.  13pp

--- Joanne Ardovini-Brooker,  Feminist Epistemology 12pp


B. Critical Race Theory

---Lewis R. Gordon A Short History of the ‘Critical’ in Critical Race Theory 9pp

---W.E.B. DuBois's "The Comet" and contributions to critical race theory 26pp

--- Isaksen Judy L From critical race theory to composition studies 13pp

--- John Shuford "Four Du Boisian Contributions to Critical Race Theory" 30pp

--- Angela Onwuachi-Willig Celebrating Critical Race Theory at 20   6pp

--- C.I. Harris Critical Race Theory and Legal Doctrine 23pp

C.  Critical Cultural Theories

---Keith Hayward Cultural Criminology  2pp

---Jeff Ferrell Cultural criminology

---Jeff Ferrell Culture,Crime, and Cultural Criminology 13pp

---Jeff Ferrell Boredom, Crime, and Criminology13pp

--- Mike Presdee From carnival to the carnival of crime 13pp

D. Critical (legal) Hermeneutics

---R. E. Palmer  The Relevance of Gadamer's Philosophical Hermeneutics to Thirty-Six Topics or Fields of Human Activity 23pp

---D. Lupton & J.Tulloch Theorizing fear of crime: beyond the rational/irrational opposition 17pp

---J.M. Balkin The proliferation of legal truth 12pp

---J. E. Bickenbach  The 'Artificial Reason' of the Law 10pp

---J. Graaff  In search of the generative question: a hermeneutic approach to pedagogy 12pp


E. Peacekeeping Criminology

---H. PepinskyEmpathy works, obedience doesn't  11pp

---DiCristina, B  Anarchy Against the Discipline.5pp

---D. R. Fox A Critical-Psychology Approach to Law’s Legitimacy 17pp

---D. R. Fox Psychological Jurisprudence and Radical Social Change 12pp


F. Integration

---H. Richard, "Facing Change: New Directions for Critical Criminology in the Early New Millennium?" 26pp

---Gregg Barak Integrative theories, integrating criminologies  9pp




Crime and History

Criminal justice history resources
Early Modern Crime, law and order: a bibliography
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