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AIC: Related Research & University Sites
ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union
Appeal Law Review - University of Victoria, Faculty of Law
Bill's Law Library (quite good)
Can Law Legal Resources & Research Tools
CanLII - Canadian Legal Information Institute
Can Legal links;
CanLII - Canadian Legal Information Institute
Canadian Justice System
Cardozo's Nature of the Judicial Process
CBA Direct Home Page
Centre for Critical Realism (CCR)
Center for the Study of Law and Culture
CLE: Legal Links
Consolidated Statutes and Regulations
Criminal Justice MegaLinks
Criminal Justice Mega-Sites, the Best of CJ
Criminal Law Resource Materials. Links to criminal law
Criminal Justice Home Page
CRMJ 352: Law and Social Change.
CRLP - The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy
Death Penalty Information Center
Department of Justice Canada * Le minist&egrave;re de la Justice Canada
Department of Justice Canada
Department of Justice Canada - Canada's Court System
Department of Justice - Justice Efficiencies and Access to the Justice System
Derechos: Human Rights Around the World
DOJ: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Dr. Frank Schmalleger's Cybrary of Criminal Justice Links (quite good)
Duhaime and Company
Erin Brockovich, Famous Trials, Chapter 1 Preface
FBI - Freedom of Information Act - Introduction
FBI - Freedom of Information Act - Electronic Reading Room
FSU School of Criminology Criminal Justice Links
Ray Goforth's Progressive Law Student Home Page
Google Directory - Society > Law > Products > Publications > Law Reviews
Government, Law and Society
Guide to the Ontario Courts
Hieros Gamos - Law and Legal Research Center
International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy
Hotlinks - Professor Bernard Hibbitts
Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC) - Centre de recherche et
Coalition for gun control
Internet Legal Resource Guide(good)
Issues (good)
JEL Classification at IDEAS
Judges Directory 2005-06 -
Judges of the Court of Appeal for Ontario
JURIST Canada: The Legal Education Network - the Canadian law schools portal.. (good)
Jur-E Bulletin July 23, 2004 (application/pdf Object)
Law and History
Laws (good)
The Ontario Safe Schools Act: School Discipline And Discrimination - VII. Disproportionate Impact in Ontario
Law and Politics Book Review
Law Society of Upper Canada
Law and Society Association Home Page (good)
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.
Legal History (good)
Legal Information Institute
Legal Resources & ResearchTools (newspapers)
Legal Reference Sites - General Indexes - Current Events -
Leiter Reports: A Group Blog: New Blog on Law and Culture
Links to Other Canadian Court Sites (good)
Narrative Psychology: Law, Legal Process, & Criminal Justice
Native Law Centre
Picturing Justice archives index of articles News and Views (good)
Research and Statistics - Justice Canada
resAnet Search
Royal Commissions of Canada
Scholarly Papers - Professor Bernard Hibbitts
Supreme Court of Canada - Decisions - (very good)
Welcome to the Supreme Court of Canada's Home Page (good)
The Association of American Law Schools
The Canadian Internet Law Resource Page (good)
The Cyberlaw Encylopedia version 2.0
The Daily Judge
The Redwood Highway: Crime, Law and Related Links on the Web
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
Thoughts Arguments and Rants
Top Ten Threats to Civil Liberties in Cyberspace
U of T Law
UN Conferences and Events
U.S. Constitution
U.S. Supreme Court
Volume XII - Number 1-2 - Winter-Spring 2002 (application/pdf Object)
Law (good)
Web Journal of Current Legal Issues Ltd
Welcome to the Canadian Law List 2000

Indices, Case Law

Ask CanLaw for a Reference BEFORE You Retain any Lawyer
CanLaw is your Canadian national Lawyer Referral Service. Directory of Canadian lawyers, Canadian Lawyers Index and Directory.
CanLaw makes Downloading important files easy
FindLaw: International Resources: Countries
FindLaw: Law Schools of Canada
FindLaw - Law, Lawyer, Lawyers, Attorney, Attorneys and Legal Resources
FindLaw for Students: Academic Law Journals and Law Reviews: Criminal Law Journals
FindLaw for Students: Academic Law Journals and Law Reviews: General Law Reviews
FindLaw Legal News - Lawyer News, Attorney News, Law News, Trial News, Bar News and More
Index to Canadian Legal Literature (ICLL)
Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
Internet Legal Resource Guide
Law Journals
UK Criminal justice links
Welcome to LexisNexis Canada
Wilson Index to Legal Periodicals& Books
Supreme Court of Canada - Decisions -

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