I have recently deleted some entries from this list that seemed to me of no possible interest to anyone.  Perhaps not enough, but it happens once in a while that someone brings up an old item & I am not displeased.

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 ---Instrumental Solo and Chamber Music

         --piano solo--
Fibonacci Tunes for Jim (James Tenney in Memoriam). 2006.

Sonatas with no Style.  (2003) ca. 26 minutes. Notes 

Voice Mail.  Suite of Thirteen Pieces, about 25 minutes 1999

Tango. 1985?

Sonata. (1966) Three mov'ts, ca 22 min.**

The Amnesty Rag (1976)
Larghetto and Allegretto (1962)

A Modal Garland, rudimentary piano;
Three Severe Pieces, intermediate piano.

                ---ensemble and other solo--

Another Turn--Memory, Solitude and Affirmation:  A Musical Term Paper en homage à Edward W. Said. (2007)  Piano, flute, Alto Saxophone, Trombone, Contrabass.  (ca 9 min.) Notes

Three Counterpoints. (2004).  Violin, viola, guitar, ca. 12 minutes.  Notes

Trinkets.  (2003) Clarinet and piano, ca. 12 minutes.

Slow Song in Memory of the Lost Olive Groves (2003)  flute, viola and piano, ca. 8 minutes 

Phases of Courtship II: The Spells of Decorum.  (2002) viola and piano, ca 18 minutes. Notes

Arrangement of  J.S. Bach, O Lamm Gottes, unshuldig, for Urhu, Pipa and Yangking.

Remembering Minor Dreaming of Major.  (2001) Violin and piano. ca 15 minutes.

Little Study (for Flute and Piano) of Love, Nostalgia and Vain Regret.   (2000) 9  minutes.

Fifteen Reinventions:  Covers and Commentaries on the Fifteen Two-part Inventions of J.S.Bach. Violin and Cello.   (2000).   About 25 minutes. Notes

Polar Dawn 2000.  (2000)  Flute, Guitar, Cello and synthesized sound track, about 2 mins.  Commissioned by Ron Silver to accompany his photographs of the first polar dawn of the milenium in Canada. Notes

Phases of Courtship I: Antics.  Violin, Piano, Cello, Clarinet (and Bass Clarinet) in Bb.  [2000- The Burdocks Ensemble, Toronto]  Ca. 15 mins. Notes

Grandfather’s Song.  (1999).  Accordian and Available Instruments (Collaborative and partially improvisational composition)  2000

Generic Variations, violin and piano, for Gene Phillips (1999) Ca. 6 mins. Version for Duo 46 (violin, guitar 2004).

Markup.  Introduction, intervention and coda for the Fantasy (1964) for unacompanied viola  2000. Notes

Triptych:  Prelude, Collage and Chorale, in memoriam Naomi Helen Cumming. Violin solo.  1999 [also version for viola] Ca. 10 mins.

Prelude, Sonata and Song, string quartet (ca. 18 minutes. 1998)

The Four Tenors, for bass clarinet, marimba, guitar and cello, for Newton Carniero (1998)  Ca. 10 mins.

Three Small Numbers, string quartet ca. 6 minutes  (1998.)

Nocturno  for flute, violin, cello, piano (1997)

 Musica Aguda (High Music), sonatina for solo piccolo, for Helen Wolf (1997) Notes

 Solos for alto and soprano saxophone.

Trios for mixed saxophones (1997) .

Chaconne for clarinet alone (1996)

Three Versions for Oboe and Piano (1992)

Quartet (1985) clarinet, violin, cello, piano, in two movements. 

 Prelude and Fugue. Unaccompanied Cello (1992) 

Three Symphonies for three clarinets (1995)

Oseh Shalom Bimromah. In memorium, Alan Lessem. For two pianos 1992- 

Duo for Violins in three mov'ts. (1987)

Fantasy for Bassoon and Piano 1976

Trio, Violin, Piano, Cello. (1970)**

Sonatina, Trumpet and Piano. (1969?)**

Fantasy (1964) Unaccompanied viola.** (Re-edited, 1998) Notes

Changes Unaccompanied violin [1973-Toronto]**

Mora con amore. (1978?) two tenor viols.

Low Music, solo Tuba, ca 8 minutes [ tape available, 1974 Toronto.]

Celebration Music, Woodwind Quintet [1975-Toronto]

Una Partitura di Maniere, 1972?  flute, oboe, bassoon.

The First Booke of Errors. Pieces for fairly adept recorder players and their friends. (1988-89 Fleur Press)

"Prelude" violin and piano (intermediate student)**


Ghazal for Orchestra.  (2,2,2,2-3,2,2)  2006. ca 8 min. Notes

Three Meditations on Prince William Sound ("Slick," "Momento Mori," "Routine") for String Orchestra [National Symphony Orch., Toronto, 1990]

Symphony (1965)**

   ---Solo Voice
The Hill Wife.  Medium voice, clarintet (A) and piano.  Setting of Robert  Frost’s cycle with the same name.  (2004-5).

Light Frost.  Medium voice and piano.  Settings of four early poems of R. Frost.  (2004).

Three Songs to Poems of Di Brandt.  2004.  Medium voice and piano.

Three Songs on Poems by Robert Graves for Countertenor and piano 1998 [Nina Stoddard, 1989-Toronto.]

Three Poems of Al Purdy. Bass voice and piano. (1997)

Three Dutiful Songs (Thoreau, Emerson, Frost) soprano and piano.

Crazy Jane's Songs. Versions for sop or mezzo with piano. The seven Crazy Jane poems from Yeats "Words for Music Perhaps."

Three Songs for Tenor and Woodwind Quartet (Yeats, 1965)

*"The Jewel Stairs' Grievance" (Rihaku-Pound) Sop., Flute, Woodblocks 1963.

"Quelle Chance" (Bouraroui) sop., pno. 1973

"The Long March" (Mao Tze Tung) Soprano, Piano, Modulated tape delay.  ca 20 min.  1974


Hermadad,  O. Paz. Round for equal mens’ voices. (1999)

Three Sonnets of Keats Unaccompanied Choir (1996) Notes

       "After Dark Vapours Have Oppressed our Plains"

      "On the Grasshopper and the Cricket"

     "Why Did I Laugh Tonight? No Voice will Tell"

The Vision of Louis Riel. With piano (text from Riel's defence to the jury arranged by R. Colombo) [1969-Montreal]**