Gender Issues in Management
Contribution Assignment

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Assignment  Respond to the Waving Hand Exercises in the Units, getting through as many as possible, while recognizing there will still be time to finish them after this assignment has been handed in. Send to the Discussion Group your responses to the Waving Hand Exercises in each Unit, and your responses to postings by other students. Review your submissions and any notes you may have made to yourself as you progress through the course.

Write for this assignment about your three best exchanges, describing the most interesting exchanges you were involved in, with specific reference to gender issues in management. You get no marks for saying, "I learned a lot about gender issues" or "I learned that socialization is important in management" or for complaining about something you didn't like about the Discussion Group. You might write about where you disagreed with someone in an important way or where you found yourself in agreement with someone and learned something from supporting a fellow student, or where you may have learned or taught something previously not known, something that makes an exchange stand out in your memory. Be sure to include reference to the terminology and theory you encountered and developed through the course, especially from the first Units - Socialization, and Power. Be sure   as well to talk about how your discussion relates to management and to Sheryl Sandberg's book, Lean In.

You have up to three pages, double spaced, in which to do this. You do not need to write a separate page for each exchange; one might take a half-page to describe while another might take more. DO NOT SEND THE ACTUAL POSTINGS; I CAN SEE THOSE ONLINE.

Upload your assignment to eServices using only their cover sheet. Do not construct a second cover sheet. Do not put spaces in your file name. If you experience trouble uploading for a significant amount of time, send it instead to their email address: Do NOT send them to my private email. Do be patient though, and don't keep sending copy after copy, thinking it's not getting through. Keep the formatting for this simple. Don't use fancy graphics, charts or pictures, just writing.

You may have up to a one-week extension on this assignment by sending it to my private email up to a week after the due date. Your mark can then be no greater than the lowest mark earned by someone who handed it in on time. You do not have to ask for this extension; just send your paper.

DO NOT email me to tell me you've submitted it! I have 160 students. I don't want 160 emails saying, "I sent it to Distance Ed". If you submitted it and for any reason I or my marker don't eventually get it, I will discover this and ask you to resubmit without penalty. You will have your receipt to prove you've sent it.

From eServices re: Cover Sheet: Assignment Upload will not accept/attach files that have spaces in the file name. Please see the information on this page before your Assignment submission deadline:

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AP/ADMS/WMST3120 3.0 Gender Issues in Management
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M Louise Ripley, M.B.A., Ph.D.