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Gender Issues in Management
Project Proposal
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This is step 1 of your final exam substitute for this course, which is a project that involves exploring with a group of fellow students how Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In relates to issues you are studying in the course. Read more about the Final Exam Substitute Project. The purpose of this assignment (which carries no marks itself but whose absence will result in the deduction of marks from your final paper) is to ensure that you do not postpone work on the final paper until it is too late. By the day this paper is due you need to be completely familiar with your group's assigned chapter of Lean In, and have completed at least the whole first unit of Waving Hand Exercises. Have at least a first draft of your thesis statement (which makes clear the precise stand your paper is taking on the issue inherent in your topic), and your plans for dealing with any potential problems you may have foreseen in your group.

Specific Instructions
For this assignment, the group will submit a proposal for the final paper, including a brief summing up of your assigned chapter (just 3-4 lines), your thesis statement, and, starting on a separate page, a description of the group's plans for dealing with problems that can arise in group work such as members not pulling their weight. 

Writing the Paper
This is not a formal writing assignment. Write in good English but you are not writing an essay. 

Send Your First Peer Evaluation Too
Send this to me at, one submission from the group as a whole. This is a good time to send a peer evaluation as well. If everything is going along fine, just send it along as one report from the group, stating that all is well. If there are problems, write to me as individuals, sending your individual email to me at the same email address.

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