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Introductory Marketing
Marketing Environments and Ads Exercise
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Marketing Environments and Ads Exercise

Nine macro-environment variables (age, family, geography, education, economic, natural, technological, political/legal, social/cultural) are represented by the ads below. Your task is to match the ads to the macro-environment variable it relates to. Many will relate to more than one; your task is to get all of them to fit. There may be more than one correct solution. 


1. 3M: Environment ____________________


2. McDonalds: Environment ____________________


3. Plastics: Environment ____________________


a photo I took in South Carolina

4. KFC: Environment ____________________


5. Financial Advisors: Environment ___________________


6. Benetton: Environment ____________________


7. Selling Computers: Environment ___________________


8. Advertising Standards: Environment ________________


9. E-Trade: Environment ____________________


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