DE CHERCHEUR-E-S EN ÉTUDES    


       Regards croisés sur les littératures du monde

                             francophone pluriel




  • Historical Background
  • The C-RICEFM was conceptualized and founded by Lelia Young, Associate Professor in the Department of French Studies at York University.
  • It grew out of Professor Young's project to create a multidisciplinary research body at York University in the field of literature, language and linguistics, in April, 2004. At that time, her intention was communicated via email to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Professor Robert Drummond, as well as to the Chair of the Department of French Studies, Professor Raymond Mougeon.
  • In October-December, 2004, the project became more focussed and the idea evolved towards the creation of an InternationaL Centre of multidisciplinary Francophone Research.The Conseil International d'Études Francophones (CIEF) was then very interested by the project. Nevertheless, the tentative agreement with the CIEF was never finalized in 2005 and the discussion about an eventual association between the CIEF and the C-RICEFM was postponed.
  • The project was elaborated in consultation with David Dewitt, Vice President of Research at York University, and over the years it was further developed while considering various contingencies that arose.
  • The Cercle-Réseau international de chercheur-e-s en études francophones inter-multidisciplinaires (C-RICEFM), is the official name of this body of researchers. Since its onset, the C-RICEFM's objective was to become a Centre of International interdisciplinary francophone research at York with a focus on the literary text.                                                                For more details see http://www.yorku.ca/lyoung/cricefm/RICEF/archives.html






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