What is ecofeminism?


After researching both on the Internet and reading books, I have discovered many different interpretations of what ecofeminism truly is. Ecofeminism began to be recognized in the 1970's as an environmental movement. It is a relatively new way of thinking that continues to bloom with various branches to make up the ecofeminist tree.

One should keep in mind that ecofeminism is fairly new, and so, has many definitions. As a seedling ecofeminism began its development through environmental disasters and grew out of radical feminism (Spretnak, 5). It grew into different stems each connected to various genres of feminist connection.

A spiritual movement within ecofeminism focuses on womens needs and the celebration of their bodies. This unique perspective encourages the return to the natural through a celebration of women's gifts. While another branch of the ecofeminist tree stems from the domination of women, and as a result, the destruction of the environment. The domination of women in the patriarchical world correlates with destruction of our environment. They would agree that we must protect our environment. They would even say that we should protect our bodies from the workings of the male domination of reproductive technologies that take over the womens natural childbearing ability. Examples of selection of the fetus increase the production of the patriarchal system, which results in the inferiority of women. Examples of ecofeminism from the readings of this course are difficult to link, for the purposes of this assignment; I have linked ecofeminist undertones with the writings of Franklin.

There are many different types of Ecofeminism from the spirituality of women, to the need to protect the environment and even to protest technological advancements. But they all attempt to preserve the earth's gifts to human beings. The earth is the beginning of all life.  Ecofeminism includes all aspects of nature including plants, animals, and spirituality. They believe the liberation of women will come with the higher liberation of life on earth.


Hello, my name is Sarah Potter, I am a third year Communication Studies and Sociology major at York University, Toronto.