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The 3T MRI scanner at the York MRI Facility is a dedicated research only system. As such, our policies and procedures may differ from other clinical sites. Please note that the policies and procedures you find on the pages below are specific to the York MRI Facility and do not in any way reflect the policies of other MRI facilities (research or clinical). Our policies are updated on a regular basis in keeping with current trends and new findings.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s): A complete set of SOP’s can be found here for the York MRI Facility.

MRI Pilot Study Policy:  If you require data for a grant submission, but do not have current funding you may request a Pilot Study Grant.  This page explains the requirements for submitting a request for a Pilot Study Grant.

MRI Consent Language:  The Office of Research Ethics – Human Participants Review Sub-Committee has established some required wording to be included on Consent forms for MRI projects, that can be found here.